Again? Yes, Again 1.23.2015

My apologies in advance. I have this stupid digital camera at my shop so I figured “what the heck, I’ll give you all some more of my face.” Then I filmed myself with something sticking me in the eye.

Here’s the basic script for those who can’t watch videos:
-Something sticks me in the eye (probably my own bangs)
-Long shot of my collarbone as I fumble with the off switch

Just call me Maya Deren already and give me an Oscar. Side note, did Maya Deren ever get an Oscar? Also, I’m selling two of the bracelets on The rhinestone bangle here and the turquoise and pink pearl one here

22 thoughts on “Again? Yes, Again 1.23.2015

    1. Thanks, Nad! I was just thinking I should take this video off because it’s so similar to the last one. I wanted to make it unique and I had even planned to mention you and our convo about the qty of my bracelets in it, but then my mind went blank!

      1. I liked it anyways 😀 Oh really? That’s so sweet. I hope you’ll make a new video because they are really charming! Have a great Saturday ❤

  1. This was such a wonderful and fun view of you, my younger daughter’s sister… ha ha! I am posting today about your recommendation of “Camille Claudel.” Hugs, Robin
    Of course, I am sending them over to here to see you!

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