Lots of Likes

Lately I’ve been thinking about the liking of comments etiquette on WordPress. I don’t know about you all, but my process is to read a post, and only if I like it I do I then “like” it. I’m discriminating with my likes.

But when it comes to comment likes? No holds barred. I like them all across the board. It’s maybe a politeness thing, a sort of ‘thank you for replying I will now reward you with a like’, right? But so, why do they offer this feature if we all are sitting around in a like circle jerk? Was that too graphic? Did I just lose out on your like?

Don’t get me wrong, my likes make me happy and I appreciate both giving and receiving the likes. But I’m just wondering what it means if it’s so easy to dispense. Is there any value to a comment like?

Optima #like4like Necklace

Optima #like4like Necklace

37 thoughts on “Lots of Likes

  1. Like discrimination..hmmmm never thought about that. I agree with you. I like just about everything unless I am on my mobile where “like” isn’t an option

      1. Ah, I see! So you have two different feelings regarding likes. You and I may end up in a never ending cycle of liking and commenting now. Be ware! πŸ™‚

  2. I only hit the comment like when I really agree with the comment or it makes me laugh out loud or whatever, it just hit the spot at that moment. That doesn’t mean I hate other comments or read them and think “hmm this comment tried, it did, but it’s not up to my standards. No like.” I don’t put THAT much thought into it (but a “no like button sorry” would be FUN) or a button so we can hit “reject” on comments, yeah yeah I like that….anyway I never like a post I don’t actually like and I think that randomly liking everything constantly is annoying–those bloggers or spammy people that I doubt actually read my blog but are always liking posts the first 10 seconds I put them up. Unnecessary and stupid!
    It might seem as though I often “like” your comments and posts but there are others I can barely muster up the juice to reply to and certainly don’t hit the like for, pfft!!

    1. Exactly! Sometimes I use a “like” as a place holder when I want to comment or reply but don’t have the time and am worried I won’t get back to it later. But that usually is for comment conversations, not so much posts. I don’t hit the like on posts until I’ve actually read it.

      1. I forgot about that feature! =(That weirds me out a little now. Yes they can go to their comment section on the dashboard and see the email address. In that case you could set one up that’s exclusive to your blog.

        This is a dumb story and it doesn’t qualify as name dropping b/c nobody will know this person anyway but a dude /photographer/musicalish person (not famousy) who produced a Dando jam left a comment on my blog, I already knew who he was and I stared at his email address and felt a power rise up in me. Not that I’d email him anything but I got really excited just seeing his email address isn’t that creepy of me? So yeah, beware! I’m a nice creep but there are weird creeps amongst wordpress that will probably send gross things to emails!

        PS I already regret sharing that tale. Delete it!

      2. Oh noooo!!! It made me laugh. I know how you feel. LIKE EXACTLY. Well, not exactly because no one (that I know of) who is even at touching fame has every liked my blog. But like when you click a stranger’s instagram and you’re like “woh I can see your entire life”.

      3. You get fancy customers at your store though, I think you mentioned that in your blog before or at least I consider them fancy, famous=fancy!
        And nooo not even a smidge touching fame but it was more like I respect his work(that sounds corny but his photos are amazing) and his close proximity to Dando that gave me temporary insanity…it gets worse I might as well mention this even though it’s even more embarrassing and makes me seem like a known offender/super fan but: evan dando’s Mom…has…read my blog omg please delete this I can’t look.

      4. Aaackk! My mind is blown, that is awesome. I am not deleting! I am making this comment a call out to Evan Dando’s mom to say “Hi Mrs. Dando! Read my blog too please!”

        Though, I must admit I have a couple Lemonheads albums mixed in with the music on shuffle that I play at the shop and like two days ago some song came on that I could not tolerate :/

      5. OH NO what song???? (<—not enough question marks to express my horror/curiosity!) noooooo </3
        I hope it's "ceiling fan in my spoon" bc that use to make me feel insane and anxious and sometimes I skip it.

        I'm gonna start posting them more on the regular in hopes of converting people & Margarets over to them more.

        The Mother sitch! It wasn't awesome it was so mortifying! I mean part of me was like "awesssome" because of my newfound message board fame but also dumb and mortified bc the post she saw, I'd written & it got passed around online & ended up linked on a message board unbeknownst to me for a while which is how she saw it. She did call me a good writer but I mentioned absurd things in it and wanting to sleep with her um son lol…ugh. I think he probably saw it, I had a hint he went to it once & he follows me on twitter & youtube(so embarrassing!) so he knows I exist in some manner and he's probably like "that's my fan" ugggh

        Your shop music shuffle/playlist is rad already if it has some Lemonheads, I hate going into a store they're playing intolerable bizarre music but at the same time I always think "maybe that employee likes it" and they have to be there all day. I once was in a store in Gloucester and the employee was playing Sting and then we got trapped listening to him passionately talk about Sting for an awkward, imprisoned 10-13 minutes I say.

      6. It’s “something’s missing” I had to look it up to find the one starred Lemonhead’s song in my music. I have four of their albums in my massive MP3 collection. Looks like my highest rated are “my big gay heart” and “c’mon daddy” which I also have a Jim O’Rourke cover of.

        OMG and he follows you on twitter and youtube? What are you being so modest about??? That’s awesome. I think my equivalent 90s obsession would be Jarvis Cocker from Pulp. Do you like Pulp?

      7. Ohhhhhhh interesting, points to Margaret! I didn’t expect you to have the Car Button Cloth album, Margaret move ahead 4 spaces!! That “C’mon Daddy” song is about Liv Tyler & Steven Tyler but I forgot if that’s apparent in the lyrics or not. /trivia

        He does!! I kept tweeting him dumb stuff for a while a few years ago then one day woke up to the ” Evan Dando is now following you” email and then died 1,000 peaceful deaths at once.

        I like Pulp but I could use some Pulp education for sure maybe recommend your top 5 or 10 and I’ll listen to them all, I think that’s really rad that you like them so much. Also you’re probably at work doing work so don’t worry about replying to me or listing songs if it’s trouble=)

      8. Work is the best time to reply, actually. Because I’m sitting at a computer and now in the middle of trying to make dinner or something. Though I got a dog situation to day that is making me bananas. I will post about it!!

        My favorite Pulp songs lately- Babies, Legendary Girlfriend, Pink Glove, Like A Friend, and Countdown. But the big hits are off the Different Class album. I heart them mucho.

      9. Oh good then & thanks! Thank you for the list, that was fast! & nooo to a dog situation:/ I got another dog situation too, already, and it sucks. I hope your dogs are okay=)

      10. Uhoh, another dog situation? Now you have to share because I’m worry about dogs so much!! My dogs are fine, but I’m watching a nightmare of a dog.

    1. Ha!! I follow most people who follow me. But I unfollow people sometimes. And then there are definitely some that I take one look at their page and I just don’t follow back. I have my red flags πŸ™‚ I’m always wary of announcing them because I don’t want to offend anyone.

      1. I will check out new followers sometimes and I do try to reply to comments because I think it’s the nice way to blog but some people are freakozoids and I can’t do it.
        I don’t want to be offensive either. A friend of mine said to me “these are people on the internet, you don’t know them, who cares??” which is what I would tell another person too but I feel bad!

      2. School is fine, thanks! I will post about it but I found out one of my professors likes to google students and I’m paranoid now especially after you reminded me email addresses are linked up here.

      3. Woooohhh!! I don’t think you can google find someone on WordPress with their addy, but you get their email when they like or comment on something. That’s kind of creepy of the prof :/

      4. She instructed us to be googling & checking linked in and to know our audience or who is interviewing us but a classmate said she googles students. She seemed wonderful but if that last part is true I don’t like!

  3. I like all the comments that people post on my pages. However, I also “like” a lot of posts too of others, even if I don’t “agree” with their post. Sometimes it might be against my own personal beliefs, or my own opinions, but it is written really well. I guess I feel like the blogs that I follow deserve my support, and the least I can do is to ‘like’ the posts they put up. If I start finding that I am so bored with their posts on a regular basis, I usually will just unfollow them. That way I know that the posts in my Reader are posts that I want to support. πŸ™‚

    1. That’s how I feel about the Reader. There are so many interesting and different topics out there that people cover. Even if I don’t know about it, or aren’t into it, I feel like I get something out of it. I wonder though, how frequently people unfollow other blogs.

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