I’m Easy 1.24.15

So I think I mentioned a couple times in passing how I’m now listing jewelry on Chairish.com. Like the Rhodonite bangles in the above photo (the dark rose colored ones) and so I thought I’d tell you guys that I’m a terrible negotiator. Chairish has a “make an offer” option and, hypothetically, if anybody likes the things I’ve listed on there? Well, make me an offer. It’s not that I “can’t” refuse so much as I pretty much “don’t” refuse. I am so lucky my dating life is long over.

Today’s bangles: Rhodonite bangles (coming soon to my Chairish.com listing, the last Hermes bangle from my dad, and two horn bangles.

And yes, my two dogs are back there hiding from the BIG NAUGHTY DOG.

11 thoughts on “I’m Easy 1.24.15

  1. I seem like a loser that stares at wordpress all day but I swear I was about to go out for the night and a weather advisory has now banished me from the streets so I take to the computer for entertainment! This post delivered!
    I’m checking out Chairish now.

  2. I like the dogs hiding in the photo and wish you didn’t have to sell bangles your dad bought for you. I agree we cannot hold onto everything, but still I feel this sharing with others will earn you a lot of hugs from your Dad and he understands….

    1. Oh no! I don’t sell the bangles my dad (or anyone) gave me. I buy bangles from vintage stores, wear them some, then sell them. So the rhodonite ones are from Goodwill. I would never part with something of his.

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