Stoned 1.26.15

Today was the day where the doctors visited the hen house and harvested all the eggs. Six! Which is big for me and I was expecting just four. Needless to say I spent today knocked out, ate a burrito, napped, folded laundry, now we’re watching TV with the dogs. My honey told me I was talking to the anesthesiologists about Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Robin! This is your fault!) then sang along to Blank Space (and Dora! That’s on you). It must be great to be an anesthesiologist.


Test tube necklace by BeautyIsEloquent on Etsy

12 thoughts on “Stoned 1.26.15

  1. Congrats to the 6 instead of the 4! I LOVE that test tube jewelry I don’t know why but I really really really like it.

    It’s hilarious you were talking about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I’m so scared of what I would say if I woke up from going under.

  2. All I heard was “ate a burrito”. Also, I take full responsibility on the whole Blank Space thing.

    IT IS is great to be an anesthesiologist. They are paid top dollars!!

      1. Maybe because I’ve been around a lot of anesthetists but not all of them are that good looking, or nice for that matter. But I’m glad you’re being handled by good looking medical personnel’s. That is essential!

  3. I am smiling and will proudly take the blame! I wish you every happiness for those little eggs, they will come to fruition, I am sure of it! My hopes, prayers and best wishes are sent your way, Margaret. You will make an excellent mother and am smiling, just picturing how you will be. When it happens, you will have to send me your address, since I do pen and ink drawings and paint them with watercolors for special baby name pictures. I have done over 100 of them. My last one was Knox, for a boy with strawberry blonde hair, he is on his belly wearing blue jeans and is looking at Paddington Bear on the last part of the “X.” The woman who I gave it to is a librarian and she was thrilled, 5 more little grandkids to do for her.
    Your baby picture would be a gift not for a sale. xox

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