Does anybody ever actually run out of nail polish?

Today’s bangles: Elsa Peretti X from my dad, red Indian rhinestone bangles from Goodwill, brass and black bangle, strange stretchy metal bracelet, Swarovski crystals now for sale on, tortoise shell bangle.

11 thoughts on “Nailed

  1. I never run out of nail polish but darn if the first time I make a mess, then is when I cannot find my nail polish remover! I don’t do my fingers, just my toes, since my factory job is one where I would chip them, but mainly I am trying to grow my nails out to have clear polish on them. My toes get decorated in Spring, Summer and Fall! smiles

    1. Why did I think you worked at the library? I go in and out of painting my nails. I started this year after probably 5 years of not bothering because the time it takes to dry is just too long, I have stuff to do!

  2. I definitely don’t. I only paint my nails like maybe 1-3 times a year? Haha. I’m realllyyyy bad at it. And I have short stubby nails anyway. Cee knows how small my hands are. Haha!

  3. I do but I know that isn’t normal. I have a huge polish collection. Look at the green flashy light thing from the photo/sun on your bracelet it looks like you’re wearing a magical bracelet and conjuring a demon which is awesssomme.

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