Superbowl Sundae

Are you all watching this thing today? We were invited to two parties! But my honey is the kind of football watcher who believes that trying to watch an “important” game while other people are hanging out will ruin the game.

Huh? Is always my response. The one redeeming thing of football, in my opinion, is the social aspect of it. To this my honey says “Josh understands.” (That’s our neighbor.) (I feel I should start incorporating this logic into more of our discussions. “Honey, really the TV volume is too loud. Josh understands.”)

But I am actually relieved not to be going to either party. They are both a long drive away which is just not my cup of tea. And one party is serving Jello shots which I would need the will power of somebody much stronger than myself to turn down.

So instead we will enjoy hot dogs and dip here. And do you know how many party sized bags of chips my honey got for the two of us? Two. (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) I think we should invite Josh to eat some of these chips with us. But somehow I get the feeling he’ll say no.

Who are you guys rooting for? Apparently I am not allowed to root for the Seahawks or I’ll be excommunicated from San Francisco. But I don’t know, I’m ambivalent about the Patriots.

More importantly what are you eating???

Football bangle by Simply Soles

11 thoughts on “Superbowl Sundae

  1. Tell your hubby Lisa can’t watch the Superbowl with Non fans because of the insignificant questions, awful conversations about the ridiculous commercials and overall chatter throughout the game!! AND I am unfortunately rooting for the Patriots because if they win with a combined score of 47pts I will be $600 richer..but I hate them

  2. I’m not eating anything special or super bowl party-esque! I’m having a fried egg, whole wheat toast with blueberries, a scoop of mashies and a chocolate milk as I type this. That seems like a weird meal now that I’m seeing it written out but whatever.
    I’m rooting for Seattle I guess because the Patriots seem evil & my brother lives in Seattle. However, I’m not watching the game sooo….

    I actually understand that! I watch NBA games alone and I HATE when people try to watch with me or speak at all during a game. I have to be alone, it’s too stressful for company! No distractions!

    Have a fun Superbowl Sunday night!

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