Coming Out

How out are you with your blogging/social media identities? Becoming Cliche has a great post today on how to twitter. I twitter (@bathsense follow me! I mostly tweet about TWD or the Bachelor, sometimes stuff about my shop), instagram, facebook, tumblr, wordpress (duh)… But I’m not completely “out” about my blog.
It doesn’t take a genius to figure out who I am when reading my WordPress blog but it still is a little bit anonymous. Anonymous enough that I haven’t connected it to facebook. Nor do I link my blog to twitter. Oddly it’s not my blog readers that I’m hiding from, it’s my facebook friends. I am so honest and open on here in a way that I’m not comfortable sharing with this mixed bag of people, my facebook friends. Facebook is too full of schadenfreude.

But twitter? To help promote my blog, should I link it to twitter? It’s much more abstract, and I am but a tiny ant in the ocean of tweets (or whatever)… But is it too emotionally risky to push my blogs out to my twitter account? Thereby semi opening my blog up to facebook friends in a roundabout way?

Do you push your blog out to twitter and/or facebook? Any regrets? How open are you about your blogging? Do tell me your experience.

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25 thoughts on “Coming Out

  1. I keep my blogs pretty separate from everything else, but at least I can link particular people to them if I so desire. I probably wouldn’t publicize my blog on my Facebook or anything. I just don’t want to have to worry about what friends might think when I’m writing.

    1. That’s an interesting thing, isn’t? How we’re comfortable showing some sides of ourselves only to “strangers” and not to people we know in real life. All of us are capable of being judgmental, but I’m more afraid of my acquaintances’ judgement.

  2. A couple of people know about my blog, but pretty sure they don’t read it. As strange as it sounds, I don’t want anyone else I’m close to knowing details about my depression.

    1. That is exactly the reason I don’t want facebook friends to read my blog, my vulnerable super personal issues. For me it’s my grief and IVF process, but at the same time blogging has been so great for me to cope with these big issues. Part of me wonders, why are we so private about these things in our lives? Simultaneously I totally understand about keeping something like depression close to yourself.

      1. Occasionally, I post a link about mental health awareness on my wall, but I know it makes quite a few people uncomfortable. And I guess maybe that’s it for me, more so than wanting to keep things a secret–talking about those issues takes people outside of their comfort zone more than it does your it seems, and then they can barely look you in the eye.

      2. I think Facebook itself is supposed to be people’s perfect curated moments so bringing up any cracks might also make people uncomfortable. The personal cracks aren’t part of the facebook narrative, you know?

      3. Very true. I guess that’s why SnapChat was invented, create personal cracks that can be destroyed so there isn’t any evidence. Or that’s my understanding of how that app works, anyway.

  3. I deleted my Facebook page from college sometime last year. I couldn’t deal with it anymore, especially on the political front. My Facebook page now has around 100 contacts on it and I don’t plan to ever grow it beyond that. I don’t push my blog on Facebook since all of my Facebook contacts overlap with my Instagram followers. I also don’t push my blog on Twitter as Twitter is mostly my news outlet and political musings. I have my blog linked on my IG account and I am happy with the rate of growth. Instagram takes up most of my time and energy so I’m happy my blog following has been growing slowly. πŸ™‚

    1. Of all the different online stuff Instagram and WP are my two favorites, definitely. I think they are more encouraging and do a better job of promoting creativity. But I like twitter also for news stuff and for jokes. I think from the comments today, I’m not going to push the blog out to twitter. I like things as they are- instagram is slightly connected to my blog and that’s good enough for me.

  4. I use to link blog posts on twitter. A friend recently told me she caught up on my blog, she said she didn’t think I still did it since I no longer tweeted links and I’d thought hardly anyone was paying attention. My twitter has been private almost 2 years now and I like it that way! (But I will go look for yours & add you).
    I get what you’re saying–At first I was more vocal about my blog and linked it up and mentioned it to friends. Some of my coworkers saw it because of my twitter links but overall there was a strange vibe after, like maybe they knew the work version of me but not the things I’d never say or do at work that might be on my blog. Does that make sense? And I’m not comfortable with the idea of relatives reading my blog. I hate to be that way but I’ve grown accustomed to that bit of anonymity you mentioned even though some of my friends do read it and comment once in a while. They’re okay but I’m getting more cautious about where I mix social media only because people are freakozoids. At the same time I don’t want to feel I’ve ever hiding but I like some privacy. Whew, long explanation. Great post & perfect jewelry to go along with the topic!

    1. I can see where your coming from with the work thing. Bandit and Leroy would totally look at me differently if they read my blog. I joke but I am serious too, I remember coworker diplomacy. I don’t mind my mom reading my posts, and I’d be super flattered to think any of my brothers might even consider reading it. But when it comes to cousins, or those random friends of my dad’s who are oddly my fb friends, then I get uncomfortable.

      1. I don’t know many of my relatives so I’d feel weird, probably the same as the FB cousins & Dad’s friends situation and my other family (MOM & CO) would think I’m disgraceful and throw a load of Catholic guilt at me or something, so no.

        Bandit & Leroy would never!

      2. HA! Oh my gosh, you’re bringing back suppressed memories of the confessional.
        The best part of churchyness as a kid was getting breakfast at Burger King on Saturday mornings before CCD!

      3. I was raised Episcopalian which is basically Catholic Lite. We were forgiven before evening needing to ask for forgiveness. But now I believe in nothing. Like the nihilists from Big Lebowski. But yes, best part of church was pre-church bagels at the the place across the street.

      4. I too believe in nothing! I made the mistake of once questioning historical Jesus to my Mother and she said “you’re such a disappointment” hahaha *cries*. My parents are pretty liberal in some ways though and let each of us choose if we wanted to go forward with confirmation or continue going to church when we hit 5th grade and we all said no one-by-one. A couple years ago I mentioned some aspects of Christianity that came directly from Norse paganism, y’know making Christmas convo, and she got super mad at me. GOOD TIMES. Bagels sound great right now.

  5. My blog is anonymous to anyone I know in real life. So it’s not connected to any other social media. I went as far as making a separate Facebook account to connect to anyone I meet here. I don’t know what that says about me. I guess I have my reasons. I keep track of your posts in my reader feed and you know I follow you in all social media. Except Facebook maybe.

    1. So is it because you don’t want blogging world to know real life world or vice versa? (I put on my glasses to ask this question and thoughtfully tap a pen against my chin)

      1. I think it’s more of real life world knowing about the blog world that gives me anxiety. I don’t really consider myself as a VERY private person and the idea of blog world meshing with real life world is actually really cool. Like, if I ever get to visit you in SF that would be blog world meets real life situation. You now become this tangible friend. I think it’s just a different thing if real life comes across blog life. Maybe it’s the fear of “not getting it” then they kind of look at you differently. But maybe I’ll get braver the more I post.

  6. I created a Facebook page just for my books and the people I follow on Twitter are close friends, authors, and other book bloggers so I don’t ming having my things “linked”. However, it’s not linked to my personal Facebook or my IG account because I don’t know if I want to deal with the judgment of my “peers” I love my blog like my baby and will cuss a b**ch out if they say/do anything to threaten that…LOL just kidding but seriously I feel like I’m not good enough at what I do write about here so until I am completely comfortable and satisfied I am just fine here

    1. First of all “not good enough” with what you write on here? Did I read that correctly? I so enjoy reading your reviews, and you are incredibly prolific. It blows my mind to know that you read all these books, review them, AND still somehow have time in your day. You deserve major gold star!

      Everything else, I hear you. It is kind of like a baby, tending to it, caring for it, investing in the creativity it offers. I’m protective of mine too πŸ™‚

      1. Thanks..that means a lot coming from a fellow blogger. I love reading so I love what I do. It drives my few friends that do read the blog nuts that I don’t do it for profit, but I think that will take away from it..who knows.

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