What does it mean to be a dog lover?

If you are ever in the mood to bawl your eyes out, let me recommend Marley & Me by John Grogan. The book, mind you, not the stupid movie. Grogan offers the truest insight into the hearts of dog lovers ever. We are all masochists; we commit to utterly loving our dogs with full knowledge that one day they will break our hearts. (Oh my god, I am tearing up just writing that.)

Anyway. I fucking love dogs. They make the best people. I think that is an Einstein quote. Or maybe this is: if you ever think a dog can’t count try putting two treats in your pocket and only giving him one.

My entire family is dog people. You should see Thanksgiving at my mom’s house, it’s insane.

As you know, Aaron and I have Bandit & Leroy. Bandit is more like my familiar than my dog, though, and we are psychically linked. (Joking not joking)
What? It was raining out and they are Chihuahuas.

My mom has Blue. He is very rude, his tongue is all the time sticking out.
My brother Clayton has Radar & Otis. Radar’s motto is make war not love. Of all these dogs, she’s the boss. Yep, tiny boss dog gets the big bed and kicks big dog over to the tiny bed.
Below is our newest member, my baby brother George just entered into contract of guaranteed heart break in 14 to 17 years time with Blue Lady Carter.
Finally, my brother Jamie doesn’t (yet) have a dog but he and Bandit have a special relationship.

Anyways, what it means to me to be a dog lover is to try to love them as immensely as they love us but they will always love us more. Because they’re dogs and that’s what they do. Didn’t I say they make the best people?

Vintage Christian Dior dog tag bracelet at Farfetch

19 thoughts on “What does it mean to be a dog lover?

  1. Such a great post!!! I feel exactly the same! It’s very nice to meet all the dogs in your family! We have just returned from a stressful vet appointment (everything is fine, fortunately) so it was so nice to read this.

  2. I had an article by John Grogran ripped from the newspaper and kept in my pocket for a long, long time. I use to take it out at work and read it again and cry and then hide. I don’t know why.

      1. It was possibly an excerpt from one of his books or just a separate article I’m not sure but it was about digging up Marley’s bones from their old property and taking him to their new house and it was so touching. </3

      2. I met two woman on a trip once who had necklaces with their cremated cats’ ashes in them and other people found it funny & creepy but I didn’t think it was that crazy.

  3. When some people saw my Hermes dog collar they asked me what it was and I said “it’s a dog collar”. They said, “what, you can’t wear a dog collar on your wrist!” My bracelet is in no danger of getting stolen. Thank goodness.

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