Chairish Sale

Two Valentine’s Day posts in one day? On a day that’s not yet Valentine’s day? Am I crazy? Or should I apologize to you all? Maybe the answer is D. all of the above.

Chairish gave me a promo code to give out!! Hooty hoo. I feel special. It’s almost as awesome as Kay Jewelers sending me unsolicited jewelry, which I continue to hope will happen. BUT SO, Chairish is a great vintage site (art, antiques, jewelry, baby koalas) and I sell jewelry on it here:cute baby koalas that I mentioned earlier, ahem I mean my shop.

So what’s the promo code, Margaret?! You yell at me from across the room. It’s BathSense20 and saves you 20% off until Feb 11th. Plus I’ll include a gift with purchase which may or may not be a cute baby koala.

26 thoughts on “Chairish Sale

  1. I have to admit I clicked the link before finishing reading and thought “How do I tell her those are pandas not koalas??” because I am stupid but now I’ve finished the post and you were obviously referencing something else. I’m so glad I didn’t gently tell you that those earrings are pandas. Phew!!

  2. GORGEOUS!!!! Love this picture too much! The hair, the cute heart earrings, the bangles, that looking on the side pose, ugh! STAHP being so cool and awesome already. #MOM

    1. OMG Dora, remember our convo about sharing our blogs with real world acquaintances? I mentioned my bully from 3rd grade is my “friend”, well she just commented on this same picture that I put on fb to promote my online shop.

  3. Looks like my daily work wrists. They’re mostly under my sleeves, though you can hear me approaching from a mile out. I need to be weighed down by accessories so I can stay in the building.

      1. I love the sugar skulls! And the clear glass bead bracelet. All of them!! Hooray for many bracelets 🙂 thank you for being so accommodating to a fellow bracelet lover.

      2. Thank you, it was my Christmas gift. Yes, the cuff is copper and it’s handmade. I’ve got a few things in copper. Etsy, of course. I featured one jewellery designer on my blog last month.

      3. Yes, exactly. I like that it matches my skin tone. Men seem to react to copper positively. I get lots of compliments from them. Thanks for appreciating.

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