Happy Valentine’s Kay

chocolate heart
With the approach of Valentine’s Day Kay Jewelers is going all out with their commercial push. Now, I have kind of a love/hate/love relationship with America’s favorite jewelers. Chocolate diamonds? Please (insert major eye roll). If you give me anything chocolate ever I better be able to eat that isht. No joke. Give me a chocolate diamond I will insist upon eating it. On the other hand… SPARKLY. Lots and lots of sparkly.

Whenever a commercial begins with a kiss that begins with Kay, first I say to my honey “Don’t ever buy me anything from Kay!” Then I say “Wouldn’t it be funny if you bought me something from Kay?” Final stage is blogging about Kay. So. There’s that.

What I’m trying to say is I took a look at Kay. Again.
And Kay did not disappoint. Because this is some weird stuff. Heartbeat monitor necklace? Like what?
Everyday I’m so thankful for your pulse! <— that's what the card should read.

And if that above is the heartbeat necklace, what’s this one? HUH KAY??!!
flatline necklace
A flatline necklace, Kay? To send to your enemy.
Everyday I’m so thankful you have no pulse. <—– what this card reads.
Or maybe vampire lover? I don't know. This is all on Kay Jewelers and frankly? I would appreciate an explanation.

13 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Kay

  1. Maybe it’s part of the Anna Nicole line..you know what you gift yourself when you’ve married your rich OLD sugar daddy and he leaves all the money to you in his will?? I have no idea.

  2. Just so you know, I hold you responsible for almost making me laugh out loud in the library AND fall off my seat at the same time!


  3. Those are both weird & amazing necklaces, what the heck Kay! Personally I hate Jared and those stupid Jared commercials with their stupid “He went to Jared!!” GO DIE. I don’t even know if they nice jewelry they probably do but I want everyone in their commercials to die from the plague.
    Kay should let you design some special, limited edition jewelry!!

    1. Oh man I love those Jared commercials! But I think it’s a hate that shifted into love at some point because of the awfulness. Probably similar to my Kay interest. I actually don’t know what the jewelry looks like in person.

  4. Bwahaha! I always thought the term “open heart pendent” was sort of creepy, like celebrating/commemorating major cardiac surgery. Thanks for the laugh.

    1. Anytime!! So glad Kay amuses you as much as it does me. The funniest anecdote is this pic of a friend’s new ‘self designed’ tattoo went thru my fb feed. And that tattoo is totally the open heart design. Can you imagine? Suddenly you’re watching TV and realize you have the open heart design tattooed on yourself!?!

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