Safety Dance

One of the long lasting downsides of being run over by a truck is that I’m not great in traffic. I’m an easily scared passenger, nervous driver, completely non-bicycler, jumpy pedestrian. So mostly I stick to the sidewalk. Fortunately work is just a mile away so it’s pretty easy to live life as a pedestrian.

It’s dark now when I close shop. I think about my visibility all the time. I wear a lot of white jackets and white pants. I’m very focused walking, I look into the eyes of drivers when I cross in front of them, I never take out my phone, I don’t listen to music.

But still people are reckless, dangerous in their driving, bicycling, even as they run/walk by me.

People will risk their lives to save 5 seconds of time. Every night I see some dumbass running against the light on a big busy street dressed entirely in black. Moms looking at their cell phones as they push the stroller out into an intersection, not checking to confirm a car is turning. Taxis trying to squeeze thru on a yellow that has already turned red. Bicyclists without helmets, without lights, in the dark, splitting lanes. Everyone is at fault. Everyone thinks they are in the right. I can go on forever on this topic.

Another long term downside of being hit by a truck? Rage. I have a lot of rage. Especially towards these morons I watch breaking the traffic rules, making foolish and unsafe choices. This post is already priming me to Hulk out.

But so I focus on myself, on making my movement through this world safer and that includes my new light up bracelet. For my walk home in the dark. My doggies have their lightup collars, and I now have a lightup bracelet I got for $.20 at Goodwill. Besides my ivory bangle, this is my best Goodwill find yet.

20 thoughts on “Safety Dance

  1. Very nice! I would also wear one. I never had one, although my friend uses some when she is on her bicycle (less stylish one, though). We bought some small lights for our dog when we lived for a few months in Denmark (everybody had one for their dogs there, because it was so dark in winter), but she lost all of them (they just fell from her collar). She had also lost other stuff we put on her collar, she is just not too good with fashion :).

  2. I need lights like that for my power chair. I’m crocheting a neon orange flag for it, but still, I worry that someone won’t see me when I’m in a parking lot, and back out into me. Life gets funny at times. Feel better about traffic soon, I hope.

    1. I actually I’m getting some treatment for it soon, but it’s been 8 years so I figure this is more or less how it is.

      Smart with the orange flags- the power chairs are so low to the ground that definitely is a concern.

      1. I’m glad you’ll be getting treatment. Been there done that myself. In OCT now for shoulder I broke over a year ago. Had therapy then but not enough, now shoulder is frozen and won’t work again. It’s probably the weather working on me.

  3. Hi. Sorry about the truck hitting incident. I do praise GOD you’re alive though. How else would I know all the things you teach instead?
    By the way, what’s the main difference between bangles and bracelets?

  4. Was in a serious accident around 60 days back. Walked away without a scratch as did everyone else. More watchful about possibilities now, but i also think of drivers suffering from past near misses, accidents that broke cars and trucks and hurt people. In my case, however the knock bent my compass, you know the one in your head that tells you north south east and west without looking up a map. Its coming back, as is the possibility of writing again.. which also seemed to have gone for a spin. Thanks for expressing that idea.. wish you well for 2015.

    1. Oh man, I’m glad you are okay. There are so many repercussions from these things, even when you are able to walk away. Is this why I haven’t seen many posts from you lately?

      1. It’s so great to see you still posting interesting things with bangles, — yes – i think my imagination went for a holiday after the accident — everything else seems to work – but the imagination gets a bit tired – the synthetic — analytic works just fine — but synthetic — gone for a holiday somewhere — guess i’m waiting for it’s return and then start writing things again.. keep fingers and bangles crossed .. thanks.

      2. I will, everything crossed 🙂 and thank you for saying such nice things about my bangle blogging. I look forward to the reading your posts in the future.

  5. That’s a fantastic idea. As someone who’s been knocked off his bike onto his back by a driver ‘in a hurry’, full awareness and visibility is always on my mind. I’m starting to see more cyclists with glowing spokes and handlebar plugs! Not to mention all the runners I see these days with bright lights attached to their heads… necessary precautions!

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