Henry Morgan Kopek Prawno

Forever pocket watch
Today I checked my stats on how search engines find my blog. As usual, there are a large number of porn hits. Dog porn drives the most traffic to VeryBangled.com followed quickly by kopek porn. I googled kopek, it means ‘dog’ in Turkish. Score! I’m bringing in the international dog porn searchers! After we wade thru all the multiple porn and dog searches, the next most frequent search theme that brings you to me* is Forever + Henry Morgan + pocket watch. In a variety of combos.

Everybody is trying to find the brand of Henry Morgan’s pocket watch. This is some hard information to come by. My other Henry Morgan post and my other pocket watch post don’t return the exact brand. But you know what? After a lot of research today, I think Henry Morgan’s watch is by A. Lange Sohne, and dude, that isht disturbs the Forever timeline!
A. Lange Soehne Christies
A. Lange Sohne started in 1845 which doesn’t exactly jive with Henry Morgan’s narrative (being born in 1779 and all.)(Interesting side note, A. Lange Sohne’s stamp changed sometime after 1890 with an added curve to the ‘A. Lange’ part of the logo which is much different from Henry Morgan’s watch.)(Oh my god. I think I might accidentally be the Henry Morgan pocket watch expert.)
pocket watch bracelet
So then I wondered if there were any great pocket watches on Chairish.com since I have a -20% discount code that works until Feb 11, BathSense20, for you all to use. Anyway, no pocket watches! But I found this awesome bracelet/watch that I have never seen on an episode of Forever. However I have faith that with the right tie Henry Morgan could make it work.

*Welcome! All coffee is complimentary but cream is extra. Also, you are probably going to be disappointed on the dog/porn front.

A. Lange Sohne 1870 pocket watch at Christie’s
Pocket Watch Charm bracelet at Chairish.com

10 thoughts on “Henry Morgan Kopek Prawno

      1. It’s actually a post about how New World crops in Medieval European-style fantasy worlds break my immersion, because I’m left wondering where on earth potatoes come from in their world, and how evolution worked to produce everything so similarly.

      2. Hahhaa! I love this comment. My break is whenever a British actor speaks in an American accent, because it makes me hyper aware that they must practice their lines.

  1. I enjoyed reading this post. It’s interesting what people get up to in their spare time. I have a small family of automatic movement wrist watches and its like feeding triplets. How can I go back to quartz after this, though? Can’t even look.

    1. Feeding triplets is the perfect way to describe that! I wear mine so infrequently that I’ve given up on it ever reading the correct time. I just wear it to wear it, not to tell time.

    1. It’s very close but I think the secondary face numerals are larger than they should be. However that might just be the one in the link is not the same year as on the show.

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