Toasted Hot Dog Bun

Our house is so empty of groceries that I had a toasted hot dog bun for breakfast. I told my mom about it and almost began crying. TOASTED HOT DOG BUN!

Today’s bangles: Swarovski crystal bangles, gem charm bracelet from my mom, agate bangle, Tiffany’s hearts. The agate and Swarovski ones are for sale HERE, use the promo code BathSense20 to get -20% off.

13 thoughts on “Toasted Hot Dog Bun

    1. I did! Butter and jam. It tasted fine but it was really the necessity of the step that broke my soul. However there’s a happy ending, we went out and bought more groceries tonight than ever before.

    1. It’s like a fantasy world where I imagine I am some kind of inspired fabulous chef. I grabbed everything! But then I got home and I couldn’t figure out what to make. So we had cucumber and tomato salad.

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