Tyrant Lizard King

Triceratops ring
This work stuff really gets in the way of nap time, chu-no-wat-I-mean? I’m super tired from these nightly progesterone shots in my flanks. It’s getting up to the BIG NEWS DAY for me so I’m working hard at distracting myself. I read every single post in my Reader today!! DAM. So many to recommend, but Rae of Sparkles specifically posted about two of my favorite things: Valentine’s Day and sandwiches. Nothing’s quite as comforting as favorite things, right? So this, my post, is about another of my favorite things.
T Rex necklace
Dinosaurs. I don’t know if you all are up to date on dinosaurs but shit is different from when we were kids. One of my favorite recent reads is My Beloved Brontosaurus by Brian Switek, a paleontologist who writes humorously and intelligently about dinos.
Parasaurolphus earrings
Dinosaurs are magnificent! I always feel so sad for Creationists. How empty the world must be for them to close their ideological doors to dinosaurs. But then I don’t feel too bad for them because that means more dinosaurs for me MWAHAHAHA.

Now excuse me as I read up on some back articles by Brian Switek on various megafauna. Oh, and did I mention he’s the dinosaur expert on the new Jurassic Park movie? How cool is that!

Triceratops ring by LAS Jewelry
T Rex necklace by Tatty Devine
Parasaurolphus earrings by Dinosaurs YEAH

57 thoughts on “Tyrant Lizard King

      1. What are your thoughts on cheeseburgers? And do you do honey mustard on your sandwiches?! What is your typical sandwich? Ahhhhhhhhhh I have so many questions. 🙂

      2. I love cheeseburgers. Not as much as sandwiches, but a lot. My honey and I are on the never ending cheeseburger quest to find the best one. And sandwiches I like ALLLL. Except for maybe pastrami. My default is either ham or turkey, but really I eat just about all. Also, I’m an everything kind of girl. I figure the more toppings the better so bring on the honey mustard!

      3. Oh my god we are long lost soul sisters. Have you tried Rickybobby’s in SF?! They have an amazing burger! And I always default to turkey, but I’ve gotta have avocado too! And the honey mustard is life changing. Hahaha. I order it any place that has it! 🙂

      4. The Tabasco thing is tricky. While I do like it, I only really like Smoked Tabasco – and that, I cannot get enough of. However, when it comes to my favorite hot sauce, it is most definitely La Vic’s orange sauce. Have you had that? There are a few locations in the Bay Area.

  1. That T-Rex necklace is fantastic.

    I was reading the above comments & had to interject have you been to CowFish?! They have really boss burgers.

  2. Dinos forever! If she’d keep up with her dang blog I’d blog-troduce you to my friend Amy because she’s a serious dinosaur fan! I’m going to show her the jewelry and see if she’s read that book.
    Have you seen that insane woman on youtube that walks around inside museums( and recently the zoo where she was offended by the animal place card information ??) and babbles about how dinos never existed?

      1. I think she has 1 backpost :/ and a blog that thoroughly summarized/made fun of season 1 episodes of Beverly Hills 90210. I’ll retrieve the blog address from her and pass it on, maybe it will make her want to blog more. =)

      2. I actually feel bad for the other Megan Fox who is an amazing beacon of humanity and light compared to the youtube Megan Fox(that was a backhanded compliment I’m sorry Megan Fox!!) & I so wanted to write “bacon of light”

      3. If you have the time and it doesn’t make you too enraged or at least dumbfounded you should look for Professor Megan’s zoo video. She thought they were offensive to humans??

      4. My Bff-er Amy, she’s very witty and excellent but she refuses to blog when I demand it! =) And by the way she said the t-rex necklace was “what dreams are made of.”

      5. I want it so bad! It’s such an awesome necklace. Another example of why the UK fucking rocks. This company offers these necklace workshops!! And they have all these cool crazy necklaces. *sigh* At least we have…. something? I don’t know, Coke or something? Can’t think of a single thing that’s superior here except for cheese sandwiches.

      6. It’s amazingly awesome & much cheaper than I’d guessed not that I could afford such a thing anyway–it is the most rad!

        Yeah cheese sandwiches and Ummmm ummmm I don’t know….but Justin Timberlake is our’s yeahhh wooooo Justin Timberlake!

      7. Yeah and subtract 2 points from the US now because we don’t have a Tom Hardy we just have that B-version, poor man’s Tom Hardy guy Logan Marshall-Green. I’m offended when people compare them.

  3. Very cool jewelery!
    Never thought about the fact that Creationists are missing out when it comes to DINOS. Great point! I think the Stegosaurus is still my all time favorite. Just trying to be patient for that new Jurassic joint to finally hit the cinema!

  4. Thank you so much for the kind words about “Brontosaurus”! I’m glad it resonated. May dinomania be with you.

    1. Ack! I’m having a bit of a freakout moment that you commented on my post, Brian Switek! Thank you for thanking me! It was a great read and I really look forward to more books by you. I’ve followed your writings from Wired to the Nat Geo Science spot and really enjoy your adventures, your knowledge so thank you for writing so well on such interesting topics!

      1. I’m working on the next one now, all about our bones. It’ll be a while yet, but your kind comments, and those of others, help keep me going!

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