My Heart A Romance Stone Story by Blogubarra

Because a bangle is mentioned and because I love love and because Valentine’s day I heartily recommend this short story by Blogubarra.


Amethyst Flower A rose for Valentine’s

You see it was an amethyst stone.  Found fallen from a bangle chain.

It must’be been, lying there on the street.  When I picked it up as you do, it had small writing on it. I showed it to the seller at the packed flower stall nearby.  She took one look at it and said ‘the writing’s too small’ .  I asked did she have a magnifying glass.

“no.. It’s the kind of stone that you have to give, it has a message on it, but it cannot be read unless it connects to the heart of the one it is given to.”  She said.

” How do you know that ? ” I asked.

“I know that because I had one once.  Just like that only bigger.  A young man turned up one day and gave it me just on the street nearby.  I had…

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6 thoughts on “My Heart A Romance Stone Story by Blogubarra

  1. Hey thanks – that must be a first for me.. getting something reblogged like that. You’re the best bangled… happy valentines !

  2. I love amethyst. It’s my sister’s birth stone. I try to keep a few raw or polished stones nearby. Garnet, my mother’s and other sister’s birthstone, is one I wear all the time. I like to wear stones that have sentimental value.

      1. Exactly. Looking forward to more bangled goodness from you. Enjoy your Valentine’s Day. I’m spending mine with my iPad and some gluten free pizza.

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