Sunday Night Zombies

Dogeared Gold-Dipped Sugar Skull Necklace

The Walking Dead: I wish I could quit you!!!

Actually, I don’t wish that at all. Last week’s episode was brutal but here I am, anxiously awaiting another hour in the Georgian Zombie Apocalypse. Though maybe they aren’t in Georgia anymore? My geography is horrible. Anything I write will just insult any Southern Readers and maybe the mid-Westerners too. See?? It’s horrible.

Alexander McQueen Three Buckle Double Wrap Bracelet

Who else is watching tonight? Who’s going to die and tear our hearts out??? Anybody got some guesses but not spoilers? I hope the preacher finally meets his maker.

25 thoughts on “Sunday Night Zombies

  1. I watched it already & all they end up fighting over who gets which side of the room and then using tape to divide it in half but then there’s no way for Stephanie to get out of the door. Hold on I think I was watching Full House.

    1. I would love to watch that mashup of a TV show. Everyday my walk to work takes me past the address of the full house house. I know this bc of all the Europeans who visit the street. Somehow this seems very appropriate.

  2. My good friend and retired teacher, Jenny and her husband I met at a video store and match made them, both watch the Walking Dead. I loved the movie, “Z” about Zombies, but cannot fit another series since I don’t pay for DVR service. I just watch too many good things on Sunday, sorry! I love the idea of horror movies, enjoy many kinds of these sorts of things. My PBS series are on Sunday along with lately award ceremonies, CSI (Las Vegas) and also, Hallmark silly romantic comedies play on Sundays. Take care and be safe while watching the zombies, no allowing any to come in… ha ha!

    I (still) watch but decided against the idea of doing episode recaps. I don’t know why, but I just don’t feel like it this season. 1st episode back was…unexpected. I was never emotionally attached to Tyreese but I am going to miss Chad Coleman on the show who is one of the most enthusiastic and well rounded actor ever. Seriously, you should watch the comic con rounds they’ve done with him! I don’t know why but I have the case of the bad feels this season. And poor Judith being laid down on the dirt!

    Also, I grew watching Full House. Uncle Jesse is my first TV actor crush (he still is) and I think the reason of my sexual awakening. I would love a chance to see the Full House house. Gah!

    1. When they put Judith down in the dirt I was like “that ‘friend’ is going to fucking still Judith while everyone is busy at the door!” But they didn’t. I didn’t understand why that image was so emphasized for the show. Is it just life for Judith sucks? As it does for everyone else??

      Jesse was the HOTTEST uncle of all time *sigh*

      1. Poor Judith. And the way Rick carried her in that scene. Lori would haunt him. I miss Lori. 😦

        Uncle Jesse set a high bar in the hot uncle department.

  4. HI. I’M SCREAMING. DID YOU KNOW I WAS SCREAMING? I was away from WP for a while but Dora told me the news…. I’M SCREAMING. CONGRATS! You know, when TWD & Dora brought us together, the very first post I read from you was one on IVF. I’m so glad you stayed strong and persevered! Just as you are so blessed to receive such a wonderful gift, the little one is so blessed to have such a strong mom. Sending many wet sloppy hugs and kisses over to you. I’m so happy that I don’t even care if their unwanted. (Pls don’t call the cops.)

    Also, I’ve nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! I don’t know if you participate in awards, but given how your blog is so rich with a large variety of topics (most notably, TWD), I just couldn’t not nominate your blog. That and I am not-so-secretly in love with your fashion sense in jewelry and have an immense need to copycat your style.

    The award stuff is here —

    1. I love you! You are the nicest, smartest, most wonderful human being. Thank you for being a friend/blog daughter. πŸ˜€

      Awwww and I too can count to ten in Vietnamese! Do you know Oi tchoi oi, Cee??? OI TCHOI OI. I do not, however, know how to spell it :/

      Thank you for nominating me! I prob wont complete it but that’s mostly because I’m lazy. I did like learning more about you, tho πŸ™‚

      1. :D:D:D Have you and the hubs thought of some names yet?

        I don’t recognize that! I am saying it out loud and it sounds like I’m yelling at someone in German. I don’t even speak German, yet I’m putting a German-ish spin on it. I have a feeling that that’s not what you were going for…

        I know, it took me a few weeks to complete the post. I mean, besides the fact that I’m spectacularly lazy, I have to say there was a lot of work put into it! Sort of. I think I’m just over-justifying myself for being so late.

      2. It means “oh heavens!” In german it might mean “kill the chancellor!” So becareful who you yell it around. I am totally kidding on that last part. Yeah! We got some names going tho my honey just brought up naming a boy after himself which…. I dont know how I feel about that.

        I liked your responses! They were much deeper than the usual “I like the color pink!” types of replies.

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