The Predator

The Predator .223 Bullet Necklace

The other day pregnancy hit me full force. I felt AWFUL! My head was killing me. I felt queasy, which is a very foreign experience because I have a stomach of steel. All food was gross. Even water was gross. And I swear my hair hurt. None of which detracts from my elation at being pregnant but it wasn’t the greatest. So I took the day off and spent it catching up with the imaginary father of my spawn, the Predator. Just kidding. I totally do not have romantic feelings for the Predator. I am completely 1000% joking because that’d be screwed up, right? Right?

Did you guys even know about the Predator comic books??? I just found out that they exist! So I marched myself over to Comix Experience and demanded ALL of them.

“Give me all the Predators!” I said with a dainty foot stomp.

“Would you like also the Aliens series?” The Comix Experience helpful sales assistant asked in turn.

“NO! I hate Aliens, I am exclusively Predator!” was my reply.

And voila! Now I have all the Predators.
All I can say for myself is this pregnancy is getting off to a weird start.

35 thoughts on “The Predator

      1. It is, but maybe it just terrified me too much? That idea of “in space no one can hear you scream” is just soooo frightening to me. There’s no escape!!

  1. “NO! I hate Aliens, I am exclusively Predator!” was my reply. bwahahah

    Feel better, Predator comics will revive you! I had no idea those existed by the way.
    It would be a bit strange if you were into the Predator…that…way…however I’m reading some jacked up fairy tales at the moment including Angela Carter’s version of Beauty and The Beast in which “beauty” is attracted to a tiger. So there.

      1. I haven’t read many either just The Walking Dead, some Buffy and some weird Simpson’s comics I read when I was little and the free Spiderman comic books that use to be in the Sunday paper as in insert. I guess I really need to explore more. Last night a friend told me she has the Comixology app, if I spelled that right, that lets you buy or read comics & it sounded like the color & graphics looked really good.

  2. Oh, wanted to ask: Do you ever read your comics from say a tablet? If so, there’s a very cool comic app called, COMIX. You know, for days when going outside just ain’t gonna happen!

    1. I haven’t! I just discovered the SFPL let’s you check things out on your tablets, so I just started reading things that way. I’ll check out the app. Do you have any recommendations on what to read?

      1. Boy, do I! Do you know ‘Red Sonja? There are two ‘omnibus’ versions I know of which are collected editions. Great art, great reading. ‘Artesia’, another great series featuring a warrior woman heroine, Stephen King’s ‘The Dark Tower’ in comic form is insanely good, I’m an X-Men fan so the ‘Ultimate X-Men series is one I highly recommend. I’ll stop there ’cause I’ve got lots more!

      2. Oh I love X-Men! I’ll get that one. I am so new to reading comics but I prefer omnibuses. Love being able to read everything with out breaks in between. I’m taking your recs to the store.

  3. This is how I felt when I discovered the Angel: After the Fall series.

    I wonder what hidden meaning a craving for Predator comics carries? 😀

  4. That Predator series of comics was awesome, so I’m sure you will enjoy them immensely. I also recommend the amazing Batman versus Predator, where the Predator comes to Gotham City to hunt the ultimate prey… Batman! It is fantastic. 🙂

      1. I’m actually looking forward to Bats vs Supes personally, but there is an awesome short movie made by some of the stunt team from Batman begins, called Batman: Dead End, that has Bats face off against Predator and Aliens. It is amazing and worth a watch. You can find the full short on You Tube. The costumes for the Predators are original ones from the first two movies.

  5. Margaret! Been in and out of blogging with all the stuff going on this side of the Atlantic. Such great news! So happy for you! And congratulations for the Art Fair! Very much deserved.

    I’m fully with you on your choice of characters! I’m a strictly “Predator” person myself! 😀

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