Night Sloth

Cast of Vices Handcuff Rhodium Bracelet

This morning I am catching up on all my shows. The Walking Dead, How to Get Away with Murder (thus the handcuffs theme- NATE WHAT?!?), and what else??? We’ll see. The reason I’m missing my shows? They all come on after 8pm and I am now a robot who powers off at 8pm sharp so as to clock in a solid 8 to 12 hours of sleep. I am a sleep robot!!! Or as Susan Elizabeth and I established, I am the opposite of a Night Owl. A Night Sloth.

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Next I will catch up on all my blog reading.

But what shows did I miss while Rip Van Winkling my days away? Any good episodes??? What did you love this week?

36 thoughts on “Night Sloth

      1. Please, nothing with a gavel. I won’t wear blind lady justice either. But I’m counting on you! FIND ME STUFF.

      2. You mean like the balance of justice, but with a very hot guy? I’ll take that WITH the tiny briefcase jewelry. 😉

  1. Hmmm what shows and stuff did you miss. Dang I don’t know..I’m behind as well. Do watch any Real Housewives or Mob Wives, don’t judge me!!!!, their like relaxing junk food for my brain but also very stressful?? I like some of them.

      1. No way, you go on with the Bachelor! I watch quite a few reality, er “reality”, programs and they let me unwind so I totally understand.
        Real Housewives of NY, Jersey though not this season and I like Melbourne too. Kate Plus 8, Little People Big World, Sister Wives, Mob Wives & I’ve been to know to watch some Snookie & JWoww though I don’t broadcast that one.
        I feel a weight lifted!

      2. That’s the truth Night Sloth, that is the darn truth! And have you ever noticed people ripping on other peoples’ favorite reality shows but justifying their own as if it’s totally different and perfectly acceptable?

      3. Yes! Like “I only watch Hell’s Kitchen because that takes actual talent and skill” plzzzz you are in it for the drama just as much as the rest of us are. If you really wanted to watch some cheffing skills you’d pull up a chair in a kitchen to observe.

  2. You also love HTGAWM? I can’t even type that into Google without apologising. I’m getting flagged for sure. Nice prank by ABC. And, I admire your sense of humour with the handcuff bracelet.

    1. What prank???? I’m so confused. I do love HTGAWM. It had a slow start but once they stopped the flashbacks I’m all about it. Viola Davis is just the best, and I need to look up the lady they cast as her mama. She was incredible!

      1. I mean the name of the show is a prank on viewers, because murder suspects have got into trouble when their search history shows they look up “how to get away with murder.” It’s a running theme on Dateline and CBS 48 Hours. I apologise for not being clear earlier. The mother’s name is Cicely Tyson. She’s an amazing actor and I’m sure you’ve seen several of her films in the past. I hope you’re having a great evening.

      2. Oh! HAA! OOps. I guess murder suspects should probably avoid looking up the TV show then. However, if the police look at my google search I’ll be in deep shit regardless. Don’t google poisons! Even out of simple curiosity!

        That scene where A’s mom is brushing her hair and telling the story of the house she loved? I got ALL choked up. I hope she becomes a regular character.

      3. That’s funny, and I’m sure you were quite innocently looking up things, too. Our world is so twisted now, we have to mind keywords. As for the scene, I thought the same thing, about Cicely Tyson in that scene. She’s always had this flare for bringing emotion to audiences. It was an electrifying scene and took the show into a new direction. You’re right, the show was slow going at first, but I hope writers can bring it for the rest of the season.

      4. I worry about the future of the show. How can they continue this big picture story line over multiple seasons without losing the audience?

        You can tell Cicely Tyson has stage experience, it seems those actors bring so much more depth to characters.

      5. Absolutely, she does have that presence. I respect stage actors. It is hard work to be “live” and “on”. I’m looking forward to more TV gossip with you and of course more interesting bangles. As for the show, I really am nervous every episode because it seems the writing is bit off the cuff. They decide a new twist at the last minute and rework things into flashbacks. Hmmm… We’ll see. Warm hugs, SB.

  3. I need to watch this past Sunday’s TWD! Catch up with Once Upon a Time…you’re almost done with the first part of Season 4, right?

      1. Yes!! Although the show doesn’t seem to be too popular here amongst my wordpress friends…it is my guilty pleasure. Gold gives me whiplash though, not going to lie.

  4. I loved the ending of “The Mentalist,” it was a great close to the entire series. I used to watch other shows, when they ended I was sad. Now I try to look forward to new ones coming on. Some of my friends are fascinated with the new series starting, “Secrets and Lies,” with Juliette Lewis (she played a special need woman in the older movie, “The Other Sister.”) and Ryan Phillipe. It looks intriguing, but I like to play detective so it is right up my alley. You know I am playing catch up on reading today, just almost out of time, library is crowded!

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