Pre-owned Alexander McQueen Skull and Bee Ring

You have maybe noticed that I refer to my honey as “Honey”. I call him “Honey” and he calls me “Honey”. And when I refer to myself to him in the third person I call myself “your honey” as in “Your honey wants you to take the dogs out.” It’s a lot of honey. I also refer to other people’s honeys as their honeys. I don’t know how or where any of this came from. I have no explanation for all this honey business.

But so what I’m wondering today is this: if my honey and I wind up also calling my womb tenants “honey” how are we ever going to know who we are talking about?

Side side side note: I just looked at my post stats page and did you all know we can look at our blog stats going back to 1970!!!!!??! WHAT THE EFF?

18 thoughts on “Honey

  1. We’re “babes”. We do sometimes refer to our kids as the babes but never call them babe singularly, so there’s no confusion there. Perhaps you should dub your kiddo the “little honey”?

    And that ring is super badass! I’d be really tempted to spend money I shouldn’t if it were in my side!

    1. Oh little honey would be soooo cute. Bite sized honey! I love the idea.

      Isn’t it great? I am not a ring wearer but I love the skulls that Alexander McQueen uses, and this was too perfect with the little bee.

  2. We started calling each other “baby” just to be THAT couple that does it…as a joke. And somehow it stuck, and we do it all the time now. So now we are officially THAT couple without being a joke. Ugh how depressing.

    1. Baby is probably better than honey in the “that couple” spectrum of things :/ I remember hearing some old couple call each other “hun” and swearing I would never be that person but here I am šŸ™‚

  3. I call my bf “boo” and intend to call our kid “baby boo.” If we have more than one, then they’d be designated as boo 1, boo 2, etc. Dang, if I keep going, it’ll be like I have my own small crowd of naysayers.

  4. I saw two cute bee hive decorations in a place called, Morgan House. It has antiques mixed with crafts and decorations. I could not resist sharing one had the words, “Bee Mine” with an embroidered bee hive. The post was cute today and I am so glad you can see stats back into the seventies. That is crazy, though!

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