MIA for all the right reasons

ileava Sleeping Moon Pendant

That’s what I’ve been! MIA for all the right reasons. Two pieces of big (good) news keep interfering with my WP time. First up- I was accepted as an artist for the Startup Art Fair in San Francisco. (May 1-3 at the Hotel del Sol in San Francheesie) which is SOOOO exciting. It’s basically the most legit art show I’ve participated in to date. Click on the artists link, find my name, ahem, Margaret Timbrell… that’s me!!! But now I need to make more new work. My artwork for this show is almost entirely needlepoints so I must stitch from sun down to sun up, until my fingers turn into canvas and needle and I start dreaming about stitching. It happens. Trust me. But so, stitching and blogging are some serious conflicts.

The other big blogging conflict? Pregnancy with TWINS!! I am carrying two guppies right now. My honey and I are over the moon!! But so my main activity besides stitching? SLEEPING. Here’s my schedule: wake up at 6:30 AM. Take a nap from 9-10 AM. Walk to work. Curl up in my little nest on the floor of the storage room and nap for about an hour midday. Walk home. Go to bed at 7:30 PM. Somehow squeeze in enough stitching to make a decent show of this art fair.

Stitching and sleeping. Stitching and sleeping. What are you guys doing? Writing? How productive of you. I find writing seriously cuts into my *yawn* … yah, so…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

*faceplant into the desk*

77 thoughts on “MIA for all the right reasons

  1. Awww congrats on the twins and art show! Pregnancy can be so exhausting, glad you are able to get some naps in!

      1. I haven’t figured that part out yet and I’ve had 7 years. I think that’s the part where you learn to develop messy house-blindness 😉

  2. Congratulations on the residency and your growing twins. I am very happy for you, and I know the twins are going to be lucky to have a very fabulous, lovely mother. I wish for you the best of health and colourful pots of inspiration.

      1. As long as I know where you are and that you’re doing well, that’s the most important thing. Enjoy everything. Warmest, SB.

  3. I have only one moon earring, since I don’t have pierced ears, I bought one where the other was missing. I hang it on a necklace, it has a cow jumping over it. Yours is so pretty and I may have already mentioned this, but I love all things with ‘moons’ on them!

  4. Congratulations on your expecting TWINS! Double the excitement and double your being ‘whipped’ or tired every day! Wait just a bit longer and you will have bursts of energy… Hugs and kind wishes sent your way. . . Mom #2

      1. I did not offer my Congratulations on your fine art exhibition coming up in May. This and getting plenty of rest takes precedence over almost all activities. You don’t need to worry about checking in on my posts. (They take too long to read!) Smiles and yes, all will be much better as the pregnancy goes along.

  5. Whoa WHOA!!
    Congratulations on getting accepted into the Art Fair and your double-the-fun news!! TWINS!
    Shittin’ ridiculous(<—a phrase?? )
    I don't know what to say but what lovely news. 2 baby honey bees!!

      1. I went through that 3 times 7 embryos in total. No luck. I’m so happy for you. It’s a tough lonely road eh?

      2. It is. This was the third and final time. Frankly I was ready to quit at two because it seemed so unlikely. Now my husband is gloating like crazy that he pushed us to do the third round.

        I’m sorry it didn’t work out that way for you. It’s such an awful hope crushing process. I was glad for my little monster doggies though. They always did a good job of cheering me up. Did you end up with children through other avenues?

      3. It’s so very stressful, exhausting and invasive. I’m glad that you went for that third time though!

        Did you guys do ICSI? or regular IVF? We had to go through ICSI.
        No we never pursued other options. In part because 3 rounds of ICSI cost us $15 000 out of pocket, and in part because we couldn’t handle anymore emotional roller coasters that would be adoption.

      4. The money cost is so insane. Nothing covered by insurance. It’s absurd. Yeah, we did ICSI two of the times. The middle round I didn’t produce enough eggs to even get to a retrieval. I was surprised at how fascinating the fertility process is, though, and always enjoyed learning about the science of it. I even think if I had gone through this in my twenties I would have liked to study it.

      5. It is. Yeah the process is well not fun.
        I produced over 30 eggs so I didn’t need to do that more than once. They almost killed me extracting them. I didn’t freeze and the sedation didn’t take and they didn’t believe me. I was screaming in pain and my blood pressure went through the roof. My Hubby had to tell them I wasn’t kidding.

      6. It wasn’t their policy I guess. The doc was a pretty mean one. I wish I could have sued but how do you prove it?

      7. It was about 9 years ago. We didn’t really have an option to switch I wish we could have. They made so many mistakes it was crazy

      8. That’s the other awful thing about the process, the pressure of time. It sounds like they really didn’t handle your case well at all. And even now, I’m sure the science has changed.

      9. No they didn’t. They gave me wrong prescriptions at wrong times. They even gave us a hard time over some of our choices. I took that one up with the head honcho’s. We were seen as dollar signs not people. The doc even had the nerve to ask me if I’ve been stressed lately. I had visions of jumping across his desk and putting my hands around his throat and saying “What do you think? I’m going through IVF” This doc was the owner of the clinic and the one that did the extraction. I hope that things have changed. If I didn’t advocate for myself it would have been worse.

      10. Terrible. That’s just terrible.

        You know I appreciate you sharing your experience with me. It seems like it was an awful period of time, and that it must still hurt. I hope I haven’t inadvertently poked any sore spots. I’m very impressed by you and I feel the pain of it all. I’m touched that you felt comfortable telling me about it.

      11. Thank you Margaret both for listening and your kind words. You haven’t opened any wounds. It’s actually been really nice talking to someone who’s gone through IVF and I’m thrilled for you that it’s been successful! It’ I’m sure makes it all worthwhile. 🙂

  6. Perhaps you should do what I did, and wait until you retire before you start a blog. It can be darn time-consuming. In fact, I sometimes contemplate retiring from blogging.

  7. TWINS!!!!! Oh my gosh! I don’t know if you noticed but Cee and I have a Twin like thing going on. We look alike in most angles. So there you go. You have twin daughters in real life and blog life. So so sooooooo happy for you!!!

      1. I’ll bet especially the babies!! I love babies they smell awesome..I’ll be in LA 4/16-4/20 maybe we can grab a bite

    1. Yes! I know you are in the Bay Area so you must come. Each room of the hotel is given to an artist, so the entire hotel is hosting the event. And each day of the weekend has a different program. I think there’s even BBQ by the pool on Sunday. Ha! But so it’s organized by Ray Beldner who’s work you might be familiar with, and Steve Zavaterro formerly of Marx and Zavaterro gallery that was at 77 Geary.

    1. Thanks Laurel!! Unrelatedly, did you hear how a book named Gutshot just got picked up by some big publisher (not my Gutshot!!) now I have to come up with a new title 😦

      1. That is a bummer, and yeah, you’ll want your title to be unique. You’ll find another title hiding in those pages of yours though. There’s too many good scenes not to yield another title.

  8. I am just seeing this now. I am a bad friend. Congratulations on the art show. & an even bigger congratulations on twins. I am super happy for you.

  9. Looks like I’m a month late in congratulating you, but… CONGRATS!! Amazing news on both fronts.

  10. SO INCREDIBLY HAPPY TO READ THIS POST!!!!! I was thinking about you while I was cramming away and I had a good feeling so I checked your blog! I’m so happy for you!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! I’ve missed conversing with you! I promise after finals, I’ll be a little more “free” LOL! I’m sending tons of happy, positive vibes your way!!!!

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