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Sunday is The Walking Dead finale and an article on io9 which may be a spoiler maybe not, so click with caution, has me thinking on one of my favorite TWD topics. Who is unkillable? And why?

The unkillable fall into two categories: unkillable because they are so badass and unkillable because the show would fall apart. At least that’s how I break it down. So who fits where?

Daryl, Judith, Carl, and Rick fall into the unkillable because the show would fall apart category.

Daryl, Rick (?Maybe?), Michonne, and Carol fall into the unkillable because they are so badass at survival. But this show is nothing if not brutal to even the best survivors, the biggest badassses.

So what do you guys think? Who is unkillable on The Walking Dead? And who is getting chopped on Sunday? Anybody else now have “Unloveable” by the Smith’s stuck in their head?

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65 thoughts on “Unkillable

      1. Oh glad to hear! Yes everything is good here too ;D Have a great weekend sweety!

  1. I have *finally* caught up on TWD! That episode with Tyrese was almost unbearable. I think Michonne is unkillable–badassery and the soul of the show IMO–and if they kill her off, I’m done. Or so I say!

    1. This was a brutal second half of the season starting with the Tyrese episode! I also hated when the horse died 😦 and Sasha’s breakdown had me sobbing!!

      1. The imagery in that Tyrese episode was something else. I couldn’t believe how they had you almost thinking he was going to be okay, then stopped the car in the distance to kill him. And his cap on the cross ;(

      2. That whole scene rang very true to me: the desperation of their hope, the urgency, the doing everything to make him survive, but ultimately he dies because that’s how this world is. It was so emotional.

      3. My husband had a fit “Tyrese better not getting taken out by a 9-year-old zombie!” with a few expletives thrown in. Yes, probably the most emotional episode I’ve seen on TV, period.

  2. Oh, hope the finale will be excellent! I love series finales and television show season finales, too. This was a great bracelet to open this post with, Margaret! Hugs!

    1. Thanks Robin, this show kills off so many favorite characters that I’m a little worried for the season finale! Have a great weekend! I hope the weather has gotten better for you in Ohio πŸ™‚

      1. The weather is cold today but there were parts of the week which were warm. Thanks for hopes fo good weather, while you I hope are feeling less tired… hugs and have a great weekend, yourself, my dear!

  3. “They”, showrunners ect, say that nobody is safe and I don’t know if that’s just really good marketing to keep us on the edge or if it’s true. A friend just told me last night she’d heard that eventually they’ll probably kill Rick off in the comics, however I don’t think that’d work on the show at all unless it was done at the very end of the series with a couple of episodes left. Other than Rick I don’t think anybody safe except maybe Carl.
    I heard that even though Norman is selling his home the supposed explanation is that he wants a secluded residence since everybody knows where he lives in Georgia and he doesn’t have privacy. Then again there’s a brutal and heartbreaking death that comes up shortly after where the show is at right now with a main character and as we know the show sometimes switches up the when and how and who so that doesn’t necessarily indicate THE DEATH. So….I don’t know! I have no insight but if Daryl dies I will throw a tantrum. A friend said his storyline seems to have come to an end and although he’s come far with characterization and identity stuff I don’t he’s actually finished so I would find that pretty annoying if they felt it was “his time” with that reasoning. If Daryl was killed off by zombies that’d be the worst thing ever and he seems like he could only be killed by people so that does point toward him taking the spot for the person in the comics who that happened to(trying not to spoil as if some random person will read my entire comment) just like Bob was substituted w/the cannibals for Dale since Dale was already dead. Ok I gotta stop I can’t shut up!!
    Good post! this is making me insane.

    1. I saw that same thing about his moving because of the fans. I actually don’t think Michonne or Carol are quite unkillable- so I bet if there’s a big character death it’s one of them. Daryl though, if he can’t survive the zombie apocalypse what hope is there for anyone? I think that’s what makes him unkillable. That is the essence of his character, it’d destroy hope for all the others. The reasons I think Judith, Carl, and Rick are unkillable is that the story would disintegrate. The death of either Carl or Judith would mean the end of Rick, and then it would all fall apart. So you’re right, if he ever dies it’s going to mean the end of the show.

      1. I think Judith could be killed off but it’d be devastating and I’d be horrified and it’d change Rick into who knows what. It’s not because I think that Judith isn’t vital to Rick’s life it’s because of how little we see her because obviously that baby should be priority #1 or I think anyway–save that fucking baby at all costs! But I may also think that since Judith was killed off in the comics.
        My thing with Daryl is that he had such a subtle but ginormous inner-journey and he never talks about it, he’s so interesting. I don’t want him to go. He lost his brother, Sophia and then Beth. He came from an abusive and sheltered childhood and adulthood. Robert Kirkman said that Daryl is probably a virgin, he’s never felt physical love. At one point they hinted(off the show of course) that he could be homosexual or asexual which would add even more depth to his character considering his upbringing. He appeared to fall in love with Beth(or least develop strong love and care and affection for her when they bonded even if it wasn’t actually romantic feelings) and then saw a hole blown through her head. I mean the guy has had it rough and yet he remains super hot. Okay sorry.
        Anyway he’s found his place in the group, he’s been told time and time again he’s worthwhile and Rick did the “You’re my brother” thing. He’s finally seemed to come to a point of knowing who he really is and that person is still somebody who isn’t comfortable in certain settings around certain people–my friend calls him “outdoor cat” and that’s okay. He’s got a meaningful job now that lets him play to his strengths and a new friendship. Just because he’s come this far and sort of actually just living now(if you know what I mean) that doesn’t mean his story is at the end and there’s no more room for him to benefit the show’s storyline or for his character to still evolve. Right? He’s got so much potential still!
        You’re right too like he’s so badass if he can’t make it who can? But I think he can make it in this world of zombies & hunting and forest romping but what about the real enemey(DRAMATIC MUSIC PLAYS…) PEOPLE! After he tried to integrate into a new group last time they almost beat him to death and somebody is gonna get beat down ala the storyline in the comics and so that makes me scared its him because it almost happened once already. And though he’s not in the comics and was meant to only guest star on the series for a couple episodes that doesn’t make him expendable but I could see them saying “he had a good run!” too. I just don’t want it to be him. Maybe I’m too involved with this damn tv show, do I sound like one of those people that records themselves weeping as they react to the American Idol finale results and then freaking out and smashing stuff when their favorite comes in second?
        I agree with you though that if Daryl can’t make it that makes me feel pretty…deflated about the chances of anybody else truly surviving in any healthy way on the show(though Carol has gotten through some serious shit and flourished in some surprising ways huh?) and Rick losing Carl or Judith is detrimental to his already shattering psyche but whatever–I love Rick.
        Sooooo anyway I LOVE discussing this and I do not know who will die but I can see Daryl dying for those reasons I stated but I think it’d be a mistake and people would be pissed off rightfully so. Then again maybe all this hype is set to distract us from figuring out the truth of who it could be. I wonder if I’m overlooking something.
        Doesn’t this make you bonkers?!?! Help me.

        PS I LOVE that you love The Walking Dead and write about it.

      2. You mention Daryl’s sexual orientation, and that’s something this show avoids really actively. I think there’d be more sex in general than there is. I was prepared to be really creeped out by a Beth & Daryl hookup so I was glad that didn’t happen. But then suddenly they add in this female interest for Rick? I expected Michonne and Rick to develop something.

        I think you have a really good point about people being the actual threat to Daryl. I think that’s the only way he might die. But then I WOULD DIE!! I love Daryl. I love most all of them though some (like Maggie) I have lost my connection to them.

      3. I don’t know if they avoid it or if it doesn’t exist which brought me to the possibly asexuality but his lack of experience does account for his awkwardness and I’m not surprised he hasn’t had any romanticish situations on the show considering his abusive background but I thought eventually they’d develop something and they didn’t. I wasn’t creeped by the Beth thing though I did have to think of the age difference and what that meant.
        I figured Rick would mack it to that chick because didn’t he “date” her in the comic? I haven’t read it in sooooo long but I think so. Rick needs some action!!
        I’ve lost some connection to some characters as well though I didn’t realize it until you just said that. I don’t feel so attached to certain people and then others are MY PEOPLE and I don’t want them to go. I too will die! What will become of us after tomorrow night? I’m frightenedndnddndnd.

      4. I’m just relieved we’re getting 90 minutes!! But then the hiatus is going to be the WORST. I like other shows but none as much as TWD. WHAT TO DO?!?!

      5. My favorite show is Mad Men so I’m lucky because I dip right into that byotch when it begins in early April-but I still feel ya that the hiatus with be torture. I’m gonna try to catch up on the comics in the meantime. That character that was so brutally killed that I was mentioning but trying not to spoil in case anybody who hasn’t read the comics sees this (mouthful)

      6. Blarr! I wasn’t finished. Part 2:
        okay so the last comic I read was the one where so-and-so was murdered and it was just so upsetting I could pick the comic back up. So I have a bunch to read now and I guess I can look forward to that. I was looking at some Buffy comics at the store last night. I really want to read Locke & Key have you heard of that? Also have you see the action figures(just a reminder that I’m a 32 year old woman here) called Reaction by Funko? They’re like the 1980’s style action figures and look retro, they are super cool!! Anyway they have Buffy figures is why I’m mentioning them and they’re about $10 each.
        Anyway if Daryl is killed off I won’t even get to see Mad Men because I’ll dig a 6 foot deep hole in my backyard and dive into it and live there for the rest of my life. Cheers.

      7. I’ve seen the Buffy figures that are these massive heads, super cartoony and cute. I worry that if I ever bought one, I wouldn’t stop. And what would I do with it anyway? But they are super cute.

        I’ll ask my comic book store about Locke&Key. I seem to remember somebody recommending it.

      8. Here’s the weird 80s buffy’s https://www.google.com/search?q=reaction+figures+buffy&biw=1005&bih=570&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ei=AS0XVdb_FsWXgwTPkIHgAQ&ved=0CB0QsAQ

        Agree–I can’t start collecting! Then I just have more “stuff” and then what am I even doing with it? Decorating? What the heck.

        Same! A friend recommended Locke and Key to me. It’s by Joe Hill and she described it as somebody finding a key that leads to a fantastical weird door in a creepy New England house so that sounded great to me!

      9. And vice versa! This show especially has so much to discuss. There’s always that first shot in the episode that seems like it means something profound. I instantly think “Oh I need to analyze that!” but then so much more shit happens!!

        Somebody had a theory that the W’s on the foreheads are actually M for Morgan but upside.

      10. That’d be interesting by why would Morgan write the M upside down? Or go through all that trouble or accomplish all that on his own or not contact Rick or leave a message that isn’t threatening unless he’s gone even more berserker or do you think he’s linked up with some cwazy group now? I had not heard this theory so now I’m in a “TELL ME MORE” place. But isn’t it probably The Wolves? or whatever…w/all the wolf references? I dunno! I dunno!!

        Also I don’t wanna seem like an insane person with my theories…like “Daryl is asexual!” I only mention that stuff because the creators and Norman mentioned it otherwise I never would have thought of it on my own because I am stupid.
        But analyzing it is soooooo fun, that is half the fun! It’s ridiculous the Emmy’s ignore the series likely because it’s a “zombie” show or horror. It’s top notch!!

      11. The way the M/W was proposed was that it depends on which way is up. Like if you are kneeling over someone at their head you’d carve at a different angle than face on. But now, you’re right. With all this excessive violence, like the girl chained naked to the tree, I don’t think it’s Morgan. But why have they been teasing his presence this season? He’s got to make an appearance soon.

        I don’t know about the wolves!!! They sound ominous though! Are they just a band of psychos or what???

      12. Ohhhhh I get it. See I am too stupid to figure these things out.
        But it seems WEIRD like if that is Morgan than Morgan has left the building if you know what I’m saying.
        I guess I didn’t notice the Morgan teasing and/or forgot…enlighten me!!
        OMG wait wait wait did you read the comics up until this part of the series?? There is a crazy as shit gang out there! And the idea is that the show has given them the name “wolves”. So when you watch you’ll notice the W’s carved on the zombies and people and “wolves!” spray painted on stuff throughout the scenery. Carl was also reading a comic that had Wolves on it so there were all these signs. I think The wolves are the gang that’s going to show up and take over. They are definitely a “band of psychos.” If you read the comic it’s the group that murders so-and-so and if you did not do you want me to tell you?

      13. WOH! OMG you are right, there was “wolves” spray painted on the side of some buildings on the drive to Alexandria.

        So right after Bob died and they left the church there was a two minute end of episode clip of Morgan, dressed in kind of a zen outfit with a hood and mask, visiting the church. He laughed a little unhingedly and carved something into a tree.

      14. Holy crap my stupid computer won’t play it.
        I just feverishly went to youtube and could barely type in Morrrgan. Anyway it shows him unmask himself, find a carving and walk away, is that not the full scene then?? Why can’t I watch da clip on AMC=**(
        My computer is against my happiness!

      15. son of a bitch. I want to restart this contraption and see if the video will work then but I’m leaving the house–this is torture!! I’ll try Morgan again when I get home=**(
        Thanks for clue-ing me in. I don’t know what is wrong with me or why I’m bad at watching television and somehow missed that. What else did I miss from this season I wonder?

      16. Oh!! I just rewatched the clip, AND Morgan kneels over a walker in the manner that would carve an M instead of a W into the forehead. That said, now that I’ve heard of the wolves I bet those are the bad guys.

      17. I’m cooking dinner and just bolted back in here onto the computer because I forgot to say something! I though there’d be more sex in general too just because it seems like people would want that comfort. Plus people constantly together in close quarters? People fall in like and in love that way even when they’re so different, it happens all the time to people that work together. You make so many good points!

      18. white cheddar broccoli mac and cheese with chia seeds and olive oil in a bread bowl, parsley mushrooms on the side and an egg. Beverage: cup of tea.
        How about you twinkie maker?

      19. That sounds soooo good. Well, I’m eating super healthy right now. Just ate a fistful of stale cake from the fridge. I’ve been so tired that my dinner planning skills have just flown out the window.

  4. Plus if Daryl is killed the way that other one was in the comic which would coincide with the “wolves” stuff they’re foreshadowing it almost make Daryl’s previous experience a light foreshadowing as well…that time that bikery gang tried to off him which would fall in line with the theme of fate that sometimes pops up. Aahhhhhhhhhhhhasfsf I will sob.

    Sorry I didn’t proofread my previous comment which I know is horrible and also didn’t proofread this one but instead took the time to write this dumb sentence. I hope your twins are coming along fabulously(is that a normal way to put it?)

    1. HA! Proofreading is for pussies!

      Twins are cooking away- we’re calling them the Twinkies πŸ™‚ They are 3 cms big now. We saw them on the sonogram and one was doing a double fist pump thing and the other just a little shoulder shimmy. IT IS CRAZY!!!

  5. Reading this (just the post because the comments section went cray and I will have to get back to it later) made me reaaaalllly miss you! Hope you’re doing well. Miss you!

    1. I’m back soon I promise. Just using up all my creative energy making stuff for my big show. But come May!! I hope you have a backlog of posts for me to go bananas on.

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