Initially this started as a bracelet blog for my secret fancy collection of Hermès enamel bracelets. But then somehow, like many an X-Man, it mutated into this strange hybrid beast. One part bangle collection, one part pop culture chatter, and a big splash of je ne sais quoi. That je ne sais quoi? That’s all on me. My apologies if it is a little heavy handed at times, care for a twist of lemon with to go with it?

IMG_0721.JPG xoxo Margaret

Instagram: margaretdth
Twitter: @BathSense
Tumblr: margaretdth

For all my little secrets paired with bangles please read Full Dinosaur Disclosure and check out my shop Bath Sense’s website where I even sell some vintage jewelry and other wares.

Recently added disclosure: this is primarily a blog about bracelets. Most of my collection were gifts from my dad, who was a very big part of my life. I’m one of those adults who never really left the nest. My dad used to live above my shop. My mom is just over a mile away. Except for a four year flight of fancy called “college” I’ve lived in the same small town my entire life. I’m just lucky this small town is San Francisco. But this is a warning blurb, because there are some major issues in my life that I work through by writing. So if you are ever confused by a suddenly intense topic I invite you to read my post Ghost Dad LOL for some background.

24 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Very Bangled, I have to admit I don’t follow many blogs but I like yours and so I’m following! Love your bangle collection! Jewelry is a passion for me – been collection since I was a kid – and I have a few bangles. But I like that you focus, doing mix and match. Also, the story behind the collection touches my heart. Do you wear bangles every day?

  2. Hey, It’s Abigayle from F&F. Things didn’t work out the way I originally planned and unfortunately I had to move my blog.

  3. Hi Margaret. Just to let you know, because my blog is self hosted, you won’t see the normal follow button. You will find it in your WordPress reader, or you can enter your email address in my opt in form 🙂

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