The Predator

The Predator .223 Bullet Necklace

The other day pregnancy hit me full force. I felt AWFUL! My head was killing me. I felt queasy, which is a very foreign experience because I have a stomach of steel. All food was gross. Even water was gross. And I swear my hair hurt. None of which detracts from my elation at being pregnant but it wasn’t the greatest. So I took the day off and spent it catching up with the imaginary father of my spawn, the Predator. Just kidding. I totally do not have romantic feelings for the Predator. I am completely 1000% joking because that’d be screwed up, right? Right?

Did you guys even know about the Predator comic books??? I just found out that they exist! So I marched myself over to Comix Experience and demanded ALL of them.

“Give me all the Predators!” I said with a dainty foot stomp.

“Would you like also the Aliens series?” The Comix Experience helpful sales assistant asked in turn.

“NO! I hate Aliens, I am exclusively Predator!” was my reply.

And voila! Now I have all the Predators.
All I can say for myself is this pregnancy is getting off to a weird start.

Me Me Me ME!


The Grand Finale
Gift ideas for:
*my doppelganger

Something that I’ve realized lately, thru the world of WordPress, is that we all have very unique tastes. Duh, you all say. I CAN HEAR YOU!!! So shhhhh. Stop drinking that hot toddy, Margaret, you add. And I make a lip zipping motion in reply. I think I’m catching a cold you guys! Which is not acceptable. First of all, I don’t get sick. Second of all, I have nothing but work here on out until that fat guy wiggles down all of your chimneys. So I can’t afford to be sick. Like literally. If I want to pay my mortgage I cannot be sick this XMas season.

BACK ON TOPIC! Unique tastes abound. It’s fascinating. I feel like I’m peeping into your lives and learning about the world. (Too much hot toddy yet?)

Uhhhhhh what?

This is my last Christmas gift idea list, you all are special snowflakes, but we have some crossover interests folks. So this is the gift list for my doppelganger slash the crossover interests with you all.

What are our crossover interests? You and me in our special relationship called WordPress? Crafts. Pop Culture. Fashion. IVF. Poetry. Art. Humor. And the Walking Dead. Sounds about right, right? Oh wait. Let’s add in cute animals.

So first gift idea of the night, in reverse order. CUTE ANIMALS. For all you who love cute animals. You know, I am almost buzzed enough to write all y’all. I’m so ashamed.
Do you guys even realize how cute baby rhinos are? It’s ridonkulous. After watching Nat Geo for three hours, I totally want this rhino ring.

Now the Walking Dead? I’ve got to nod to my favs Sup Darling, Dora da bomb (oh yeah I AM that 90s), and Susan tho all these ladies also cross into the pop culture list.
Nobody does skulls like Steve McQueen.

How do you figure out humor in jewelry? Should I be looking for a punch line charm? Want to hear (or read) the joke I wrote the other day? What do you call it when Emilia snow plows the street? A Toes Drift. You would be cracking up like crazy if you knew who Emilia is.
All I know is you search “joke” on Luis Via Roma and you find this necklace. HA HA HA. This necklace is so funny, amirite?

For the art and poetry themes and some of the best reading ever I am channeling Andre, Susan Elizabeth, and Spanish Woods all who have themes of surroundings and environment running thru their works.
I don’t know, but these seedlings by Anita Van Doorn seem relevent.

Oh, where was I? Fashion, IVF, pop culture? Isn’t that the definition of ‘jewelry’? Sometimes I feel deep. Like super deep. What is the meaning of fashion, IVF, pop culture? I think we can hit that trifecta with a little Aliens jewelry.
Aliens embryo necklace
BOOM! Aliens embryo necklace DOOD. I wish it were Predator embryo. I like Predator so much more than Aliens.

I don’t even know what is left in my themes. It’s late. The gift ideas have fled. I sit here at my WordPress Dashboard drinking my toddy and not watching Californication. I’d like to wish you a happy holiday and for you to know how much I have enjoyed reading everybody’s writings. All y’all are fascinating. And I have appreciated the various comments and likes on my silly little blog these past couple of months. You don’t even know how much it has meant to me. BIG SLOPPY REINDEER KISSES FROM ME TO YOU!

xoxoxox Margaret

Oh and it’s not tooo late to buy something from my real life store, Bath Sense.

Wonders of the Universe

One of the most interesting things about WordPress is the glimpse it provides into other people’s lives. I love following your blogs! People are fascinating, and even sometimes the mundane is a sort of fantasy escape because it’s different. So thank you, gentle readers, for writing about nailpolish, fantasy hockey, med school, knitting, recipes, clothing, traffic, foreign countries, family, Cillian Murphy, baseball, feminism, linguistics… The rabbit hole is deep and crooked.

Anyway, is this weird? One person I follow is Jack Flacco and his story “Ranger Martin and the Alien Invasion” comes out October 21st. I don’t know what to expect, but I’m excited to read it! Writing multiple books and birthing them into the world is kind of a big deal, in my opinion. I’m very impressed.

So between his story that I’m looking forward to reading and rewatching X-Files (omg Gillian Anderson was sooo young!) I’ve got aliens on the brain. Frankly, I believe in aliens. Not in the humanoid, walking talking kind but in the particles of life floating around our vast universe that our limited brains can’t recognize kind of way.

Let’s get down to it. There is some lame-o alien jewelry out there, folks. Like this one by Jaeci… What’s its intention? Like woah, alien spelled backward is symbolic of our fear of outside aggressors subverting our language? First of all, only the French are concerned over the sanctity of their language. Secondly, can you tell I went to art school? “But what’s it mean??”

What I interpret this bracelet to mean is that it is not worth $36. All I ask of jewelry (and men! Bad dum ching!) is to either be pretty or be interesting. This one is neither.

Now this is art! And technically a necklace :/ oops.

IMG_2817.PNG Made by Reborne Jewelry I came across their alien named necklace on Pinterest and it just blew my mind. Looks like it sold though, so I thought I’d showcase another of their pieces. The one above is named “the chained bubbled zippers”. It’s all zippers! Amazing, right?

Their bracelets are cool, kind of rock and roll but the necklaces. Wow. Just wow. Wonderful. Just like all youse guys blog posts. Keep up the good work.

X-Files, Part III of madly tied and filed

Last night was sweltering hot in San Francheesie. I couldn’t sleep at all. Now my one poor eye is all poofed up. My dogs and I skipped our run, and I’m drinking enough coffee to fuel a locomotive. I should probably add that SF standard of “sweltering hot” is about 70 degrees. Maybe 65. You get to 55 and I’d be complaining of the cold.

On a morning like this, I really want to believe… Do do dooo doo (that’s some spooky UFO music in written form.) Thanks to At the Library for the theme X-Files. I remember babysitting some kids and rushing them off to bed because the Smoking Man was appearing on that evening’s episode of the X-Files. Remember smoking, you guys? What an awful thing to be nostalgic for, right?

Check this cool bangle out, tho. Made in Tel Aviv from sterling silver, resin and computer printouts for a paltry sum of $400 by Moshikoart

IMG_2569.PNG It’s a pentagram! Oh snake, I am wary but it is super lovely. I like the decorative interior, that is some serious attention to detail.

Scully’s signature piece of jewelry is a gold cross necklace, but what am I? A bracelet blog. So I give you a Scullyesque gold plate cross bracelet by Moon and Lola

It’s $160, which seems kind of steep for gold plate, put the real gold options were obscenely expensive. Do you think Scully would wear this?

I saved the classiest, most tasteful and finely crafted for last.

IMG_2571.PNG For $16.99 this aluminium cuff is clearly the center piece of any X-File themed bracelet collection. It’s something I can imagine Audrey Hepburn or Princess Grace Kelly would wear while traveling through Corsica. As my dad liked to quote from the Big Breakfast “Am I right?” “You’re not wrong!”

Now what’s your fav TV show? Inspire me! And how’s the weather where you’re at? I hope you are sleeping better then I, though if that last bracelet is true, maybe it’s for the best that we all sleep on high alert.