Madly filed and tied: Part I

Thanks to At the Library for suggesting today’s fan-tastic jewelry. Her favorite shows are Mad Men, X-Files, and Family Ties.

Am I the only person who hasn’t watched Mad Men? The Sesame Street spoof, sure, but never the show.

I know I should, but… bring me more episodes of Arrow! (Speaking of Arrow, isn’t it funny how he has just the worst kept secret identity of all time? Everyone’s like “In this daunting criminal scenario we need our superhero, the Arrow!” And then guy filing in the background says “Oh, you mean Oliver Queen?” Literally everybody knows he’s the Arrow.)

For today’s TV themed bracelets I went with “inspired by” rather than “direct homage” because you all have suffered through enough crafty Etsy listings (ugh, this link? I can’t even. “Pop a squat” is a phrase that just continually grosses me out.)

First up: MAD MEN this is a theme that deserves an entire blog unto itself. The 60’s style vintage jewelry is across the board stunning. I started down the rabbit hole, and lusted after every piece I came across. To narrow down I searched out Bakelite bangles and discovered this darling on line site Vintage Lane Jewelry. They ship internationally from Anaheim, though (disclaimer) I’ve never shopped their site.



IMG_2556.PNG *sigh* Seriously? Be still my heart.

They seem pretty reasonably priced, too. $28.50 for the cream bangle, $54 for the carved roses, and $105 for the Cherry colored trio. That last one is what I covet, though unfortunately sold out. Bummer, why tease me, Vintage Lane Jewelry? Mama wants to shop!

Stay tuned for X-files and Family Ties. I think I have my work cut out for me, but do share your favorite shows and I’ll give them the Very Bangled treatment next.