12.18.14 fool’s gold

Remember my love of Goodwill? If no, here is why- the middle wide ribbed cuff that I am wearing today. I bought it and it looked like this:

Can you see that? Here’s the closeup:

Hideous, right? Some numnuts splatter painted a cuff bracelet with ugly colors of acrylic paint. But, I’m proud to say, I saw the potential. The little chips showed something shine-y and for a few frantic moments I thought I’d found gold. GOLD! I freaked out, then soaked, scrubbed, and chipped at the paint. Despite the top photo with the jewelry cleaner this was mostly accomplished with my finger nails. I am a classy dame.

Alas, no gold. The easy test was holding a magnet up to it. Gold is not magnetic, brass and other metals are. But whatevs. Look how gorgeous it is, regardless of the material.

Yay me!
Today’s bangles are: Astrologie from my honey, the Angela Cummings bangle that was a gift from my dad to my mom, my Goodwill find, and a silver Tiffany’s woven looking bracelet.

11.30.14 just can’t get enough

Hey guys, is this enough bracelets for a person to wear?

How about this? Is this enough? Just let me know when I cross that threshold of “reasonable quantities of bangles” and enter into “obscene quantities of bangles”, okay?

Are we there yet? Let me ask you this, at what point would this no longer be considered bangles but a metal sleeve?

Today’s bangles: 4 brass garage sale bangles, Hemrès Astrologie from my honey, 3 gold color cheapo bangles I was wearing during my accident, brass cameo cuff, oneida spoon cuff engraved with the letter L, Hermès cream Clous bangle, flag charm bracelet, sterling ID bracelet engraved with Claudia, giant M brass cuff that I paid too much money for from Goodwill because I love my own initials. Claudia’s got nothing on me!

10.4.14 crash test dummy

IMG_2716.JPG It was exactly seven days after I first met my honey that I was run over by a truck.

I used to bike commute to work. I always wore my helmet, never crossed against red, and still doing everything correctly, a pickup truck hauling concrete executed an illegal right hand turn and ran me over. The hauling concrete is the punchline of my story. This was almost 8 years ago.

I remember brief details from the moment, which I don’t feel like sharing at this time. The truck crossed my chest. My parents arrived at the hospital when it was still unclear if I would survive. I sometimes find myself thinking I shouldn’t be alive. I have the kind of luck for things so unlikely, that if only the luck were angled at the lottery, I’d be a mega millions winner. But no, it’s the wrong kind of luck.

Anyway, these stupid bangles are survivors of the accident. They show a tiny bit of roadrash.

IMG_2717.JPG I purchased them at a boutique on Chestnut Street with a gift certificate just that weekend before. I think they cost me $15 maybe. Little nothing bangles with little nothing scars. I don’t wear them ever, and I can’t explain why I wore them today. But my other bangles are a North African bangle from the streets of NY, my dad’s Rolex, and the Hermès Astrologie from my honey.