Chairish Sale

Two Valentine’s Day posts in one day? On a day that’s not yet Valentine’s day? Am I crazy? Or should I apologize to you all? Maybe the answer is D. all of the above.

Chairish gave me a promo code to give out!! Hooty hoo. I feel special. It’s almost as awesome as Kay Jewelers sending me unsolicited jewelry, which I continue to hope will happen. BUT SO, Chairish is a great vintage site (art, antiques, jewelry, baby koalas) and I sell jewelry on it here:cute baby koalas that I mentioned earlier, ahem I mean my shop.

So what’s the promo code, Margaret?! You yell at me from across the room. It’s BathSense20 and saves you 20% off until Feb 11th. Plus I’ll include a gift with purchase which may or may not be a cute baby koala.

1.6.14 de trop

Today I am wearing a rather excessive amount of bangles, even by my standards. Maybe because I have a lot of work to do in the shop? Yesterday was my personal checklist day (everything completed woohoo) and today is the work checklist. Undoing Christmas is so sad, isn’t it?

My instagram friends will recognize this pic. We took down our tree last night now I must dismantle the 4 trees in my store. How long do you keep yours up for?

Today’s bangles: black bakelite, Hermès Rose de Compas, multi color bakelite, blue beaded, petit pointe needlepoint bangle, swarovski bangle, red rhinestone bangle from India.

12.27.14 back from the dead

Oh! Hey there! It’s been a while, right? December kills me every year. Those last 14 days leading up to Christmas is solely work and sleep, that’s it. I still have this weird hangover. But now it’s over and I’m wearing cozy pants! And a big sweater and my honey is making some coffee. But I have some crazy shit to tell you all.

First, some background. I started buying bracelets by the pound from Goodwill for the purpose of selling some jewelry at my shop (ok, really because I love bangles, duh, but selling is an added perk.) These Goodwill bracelet grab bags are a crap shoot. In one lot there were two pieces of Sterling Taxco stamped jewelry. But that kind of thing is balanced by a bunch of junk stuff I throw out, then there’s the in between fun and inexpensive costume jewelry. Each time I open my grabbag I’m hoping for Bakelite. Bakelite, for those who don’t know is a vintage type of resin/plastic jewelry that was very mod and popular in the 60s. The black rhinestone one on my wrist in the pic above is probably Bakelite.

So when this 👆showed up I was stoked. I thought it might be Bakelite. But you know what? This is not Bakelite. Guess WTF this treasure is?!?

Fucking ivory.

Giant ass ivory bangle.

My picture makes my arm look deformed long, but you get the idea. This is a huge bangle that was part of my $20 for 10 lbs of bangles. Now the question is, what do I do with my new albatross? It’s gorgeous, it’s valuable, it’s impossible to sell and maybe even illegal for me to try. It represents the needless slaughter of one of my favorite animals (elephant). I’ve never seen anything like it before.

Today’s bangles include two XMas presents- the yellow enamel bangle was from one of my brothers, and the Hermès Colliers de Chien is from my honey. I cried when I opened it, I assumed with my dad’s death that was the end of the line for my Hermès bangle collection. But my honey! I love him. The rest of the bangles are Goodwill, black rhinestone square Bakelite, a red jeweled Indian bangle, black needlepoint bangle, Swarovski crystal bangle.

Madly filed and tied: Part I

Thanks to At the Library for suggesting today’s fan-tastic jewelry. Her favorite shows are Mad Men, X-Files, and Family Ties.

Am I the only person who hasn’t watched Mad Men? The Sesame Street spoof, sure, but never the show.

I know I should, but… bring me more episodes of Arrow! (Speaking of Arrow, isn’t it funny how he has just the worst kept secret identity of all time? Everyone’s like “In this daunting criminal scenario we need our superhero, the Arrow!” And then guy filing in the background says “Oh, you mean Oliver Queen?” Literally everybody knows he’s the Arrow.)

For today’s TV themed bracelets I went with “inspired by” rather than “direct homage” because you all have suffered through enough crafty Etsy listings (ugh, this link? I can’t even. “Pop a squat” is a phrase that just continually grosses me out.)

First up: MAD MEN this is a theme that deserves an entire blog unto itself. The 60’s style vintage jewelry is across the board stunning. I started down the rabbit hole, and lusted after every piece I came across. To narrow down I searched out Bakelite bangles and discovered this darling on line site Vintage Lane Jewelry. They ship internationally from Anaheim, though (disclaimer) I’ve never shopped their site.



IMG_2556.PNG *sigh* Seriously? Be still my heart.

They seem pretty reasonably priced, too. $28.50 for the cream bangle, $54 for the carved roses, and $105 for the Cherry colored trio. That last one is what I covet, though unfortunately sold out. Bummer, why tease me, Vintage Lane Jewelry? Mama wants to shop!

Stay tuned for X-files and Family Ties. I think I have my work cut out for me, but do share your favorite shows and I’ll give them the Very Bangled treatment next.