12.17.14 hair brained schemes

This time of year whenever something goes missing I assume my honey took it for gift giving reasons. Like he needs to know the size of my shoe, or brand of makeup, or to engrave something for me. I believe this despite the fact that a. he has never done this before and b. the item missing may be a hairbrush. What could he possibly use my hairbrush for in gift giving terms? Hairbrush upgrade? I don’t think so. So the brutal truth is, I’ve lost my hairbrush. Which explains my hair today.

Various emotional states call for special grooming rituals. If I’m extremely tired I paint on ridiculous levels of makeup. If feeling insecure? I wear A LOT of jewelry. Granted, I tend to wear a lot of jewelry for other reasons too, so you’ll never know if I’m feeling insecure or in a magpie mood.

(Ack! My skin! *adds a face veil*)

“Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory.” Clearly I do not abide my Coco Chanel’s policy. I suspect I have the entire female population of Texas on my side for this one.

Today’s jewelry: Left hand: two Indian rhinestone bangles from my best friend, red Clic Clac a Pois, Tiffany’s braid from my dad, Goodwill rhinestone bow.
Right hand: Jawbone UP, my dad’s Baume & Mercier watch
Necklaces: Tiffany’s candy cane charm, I’m Your Present bow tie
Earrings: red gifts I’ve had since about 4th grade

Anybody seen my hairbrush?

11.18.14 rhinestones are forever

You guys remember that Bond film, right? Rhinestones are forever? If not forever, per se, they are at least decent amounts of time. “Rhinestones are decent amounts of time” doesn’t have the right ring, however. It’s not exactly catchy.

Today I’m wearing my Goodwill bow bracelet, my sterling knot from Hiho Silver, and a vintage rhinestone piece I was given for being a bridesmaid. Best yet?? Rhinestone panda clip ons. Now pandas, they are forever.


11.11.14 sunny San Fra-no-freezie

It’s totally not freezie today, or at all, or maybe ever again even. SF is never cold enough to snow, but it does get charmingly brisk this time of year. USUALLY. But I don’t know, this drought and warm spell? It continues to stretch out before us now, making most SFers grouchy. It leaves my bedroom uncomfortably warm at night! Nobody knows how to deal with this! We aren’t equipped for warm weather. Should I wear sandals? Or will I get cold by the end of the day? I just don’t know!

Today’s bangles are: brass bow bracelet, silver bangle, Guadalquivir bangle by Hermès, seashell charm bracelet, Tiffany’s silver latch bangle, and my extra special Crazy Loom bracelet from my niece.

Madly filed and tied: Part II

The Family Ties theme (fav TV show provided by At the Library) has provided me with an excuse to showcase one of my favorite favorite bracelets ever, that slipped through my fingers. Actually, it was something I hinted at to my honey but sometimes you’ve got to spell desires outright. That’s what I have learned from marriage.

If only I could go back in time and buy the Red Valentino bow bracelet from Luis Via Roma

But it is gone, not even to be found on eBay. Bummer, man.

Today I hunted down some similar options, none of which either Mallory or Alex P. Keaton would wear but it’s a tie theme! Get it? Family Ties, bow tie bracelet? So subtle am I. As subtle as all these leather bracelets. Or supple? Subtly supple.

IMG_2563.PNG Ferragamo leather bow in either pink or violet for $158 on Luis Via Roma It’s pretty cute, but… Once you’ve tasted Valentino butter there’s no going back to Pan Cooking Spray. If that’s not already a saying I call dibs.

Shoot, if this $10 eBay leather bracelet were red I would pick it up before the Ferragamo


What do you guys think of buying imitation pieces? I’m kind of up in the air. I would never purchase the J. Crew enamel bangles because my heart belongs to Hermès, but when it comes to hand made items I definitely support it.

Now stay tuned for tomorrow for the final favorite TV show theme provided by At the Library… X- Files. I want to believe! Do you? If yes, tell me your fav TV show in the comments to get the Very Bangled treatment where fan art meets jewelry. (How do you do? Very well sir, and you?)