11.2.14 tired little doggy


Sometimes a post must stay simple. Today’s bangles are a Goodwill brass bow cuff, horn bangles, Cartier Tank Française, Goodwill brass feather cuff, and my two Native American skinny silver cuffs.

Bandit sez “Don’t bother me now, some of us need our beauty sleep.”

10.12.14 it’s gonna take time

IMG_2784.JPG This is what’s happening. Tons of time. I carry it all on my wrist. My dad’s Rolex, my Cape Cod watch (if you only knew my complicated hateful feelings towards Cape Cod the place, you would understand why the name of this watch bothers me so much), and an upside down Tank Française.

When one is this rich in time, what’s it matter to wear a watch upside down?

9.2.14 krange October

IMG_2682.JPG It’s hecka krange how different a word sounds when you accidentally type the letter K instead of O. Right?

Wow, this post veered off topic straight out of the gates. It’s October in SF, the June of our year. Weddings, baseball, hot weather. But mostly baseball. So today’s bangles are slightly Giants themed. Orange and black because we won the wild card last night and we’re heading to the playoffs. On my wrist: my dad’s other watch, a silver and agate bracelet from Mexico, faux Cartier clous, and Les Flacons de Parfum.

9.17.14 it’s so hard

IMG_2561.JPG Somedays, okay most days, I get so worked up about my dad. It’s a mile walk to my shop, and it’s just too much time in my head. It’s hard to write after that, because I’m dizzy. I hurt so much from missing him. He used to be my ride home every night. I was that strange adult child who spent way to much time with her father. I was so proud of it. Now I keep having these dreams where he’s alive, and I realize that I was wrong, mistaken about his death. I tell him he needs to see a doctor, he must take better care of himself or I’ll lose him. But then I wake up, and everything is still the same. Doing this blog of my collection, most all of which were gifts from him, it’s like a superstition almost. Maybe some day, after combining the right pairs, I’ll wake up wrong?

Today’s bracelets are the pair of resin Sobral bangles including the one I repaired on Sunday, my fake Cartier Clou (shhh don’t tell anybody that I gave you the website. I strongly frown upon knockoffs, always, at all times, especially after giving up my secret source), silver and Malachite bracelet from Mexico, and my pink Hermès Calèche.

9.9.14 Poils!

Poils is my best Pop-eye imitation of pearls. Today I went all over pearls. Bracelets, necklaces, okay that’s it. But still! Quand même! I got pearls galore. On my wrist is an heirloom goldfish (apparently my autocorrect does not approve of goldish) bracelet, my 30th bday pearls from my honey, and my Cartier tank française from my mom. On my neck I have my pink pearls, more gold heirlooms, and another from the family blue lapis bead and pearl piece.

In 2007 I was wearing this blue and pearl necklace when I was run over by a truck, they cut it off me along with my clothes and scarf, and I figured it was gone. But the paramedics gave it and my other belongings to my dad who took it to a jeweler in his neighborhood, Hutten Jewelers, and Isabelle restrung it better than new. It’s a survivor necklace. Oh and? I really made an effort to not grimace in today’s selfie. How’d I do? Eh is what I thought as well.



9.4.14 Rubberbandery


Some interlopers snuck into today’s bangles. I’m wearing the 2 skinny horn bangles, my chartreuse Caleche from my mama (she figured the crazy color could help absorb all the stress that’s contributing to me not getting knocked up, but this was before the current stress so. There’s that. We shall see how effective this is), my Tiffany’s bangle from 1993, a fake Cartier Clous (obviously not silver when it’s paired with actual real silver), my Tiffany’s deb bangle, my UP and… Some rubber bands! They look kind of neat, right? Like a combo of industrial and organic.

As for the purpose of the rubber bands, or as my mom would say, the porpoise of the blubber bands, I have joined not one but 2 fantasy football leagues. You’d think that with 3 brothers and a dad who loved sports, I’d have had some exposure to football watching. But I hadn’t, except in passing, until my honey came into my life. Do you know how much football is on TV every week? A lot, the answer is a lot. And he watches ALL of the footballs. So I used to nap thru Sundays, or read an entire book, but now, in my need to be all the time distracted and to be constantly watching TV, I figure I should ‘get into’ football. So, 2 fantasy leagues, one is a girls league and we need a prize. Which brings me to this: did you know that Chanel made a football?!?

It sold for $195!!! I have never before encountered anything Chanel for $195.

“Holy shit, what a great deal and perfect prize!” I thought to myself.

I phoned Chanel straight away, asked them if it was in stock and then found myself thoroughly disappointed. The football is not available seeing as how it was a special item from 2009 or sometime. I searched eBay, Amazon, everywhere, to no avail. So now I’m making a fake Chanel football. You’d think there’d be more black footballs on the market, but don’t even get me started on the google results of “black football” search.

VERY very long explanation short, I’m spray painting a football and creating the straight white lines by wrapping the football in rubber bands and painting in between. I need a bunch of rubber bands for this, and so as not to lose them, I am wearing rubber bands. PHEW. Thus concludes the story of the rubber bands.