10.7.14 acid flash

IMG_2725.JPG Do these colors go together or is this too migraine inducing? I kind of like the combo. But after the busy weekend I’ve had, my instincts may be off. And guess what? I lost another Fantasy Football game which puts me at 0-5. Ugh, I thought this was supposed to be fun?

I’m wearing Calèche rouge, Spirographie, Clic Clac à Pois, and Calèche acid green but I think they call it chartreuse.

9.22.14 running around like a swan with it’s head cut off

IMG_2595.JPG Today’s bangles: the 3 OG bangles that started it all and the silver shell charm bracelet. The trio remains unknown in name despite the research excursion my mom and I took today to Hermès. This was after the dermatologist visit where the doctor removed my black swan. No fear! It’s not a swan, or any bad thing, but a skin bump that reminds me of that scene in Black Swan where she picks and picks at herself until she plucks the black swan feathers from beneath her skin. Too gross? I apologize. There weren’t even any feathers involved. Just a little bump that was cauterized and now I’m as good as new.

9.17.14 it’s so hard

IMG_2561.JPG Somedays, okay most days, I get so worked up about my dad. It’s a mile walk to my shop, and it’s just too much time in my head. It’s hard to write after that, because I’m dizzy. I hurt so much from missing him. He used to be my ride home every night. I was that strange adult child who spent way to much time with her father. I was so proud of it. Now I keep having these dreams where he’s alive, and I realize that I was wrong, mistaken about his death. I tell him he needs to see a doctor, he must take better care of himself or I’ll lose him. But then I wake up, and everything is still the same. Doing this blog of my collection, most all of which were gifts from him, it’s like a superstition almost. Maybe some day, after combining the right pairs, I’ll wake up wrong?

Today’s bracelets are the pair of resin Sobral bangles including the one I repaired on Sunday, my fake Cartier Clou (shhh don’t tell anybody that I gave you the website. I strongly frown upon knockoffs, always, at all times, especially after giving up my secret source), silver and Malachite bracelet from Mexico, and my pink Hermès Calèche.

Take Your Breath Away Beautiful

Frey Wille is the former designer for Hermes’ bangles- my understanding was they parted ways before the Guadalquivir series. So cool!

Ornamental Elements

frey wille

If you have read Ornamental Elements for any length of time, you begin to realize I am inspired by the jewelry of Frey Wille. The latest collection in the Homage series is Homage A Claude Monet. The video below gives us a peek at the design process behind the artistry. 

I apologize for the delay in my latest post. We have been without phone and internet for over two weeks…a long, frustrating two weeks. 

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The final birthday gift

Well, yesterday was a rather sad day. I received the first group of my father’s possessions. Including his pantry items (so much spaghetti! He loved grocery shopping and apparently always wrote pasta on the shopping list), his Rolex, and my last birthday gift from him. This is it. I think it’s one of the carousel horse collections.



IMG_2453.JPG ridiculous amount of pasta, right?