15 Fall DIYs That Will Make Any Fall Lover Rejoice

Getting up this morning I realized I have ZERO Halloween/Fall themed bracelets. I just read this great post by Lame Adventures about Candy Corn, which I love. Apparently it’s not a popular candy. WHAT! Candy Corn is the ESSENCE of candy. Corn syrup. That’s all. CANDY. But so, I think I need to do this little Candy Corn DIY and make myself a Candy Corn bracelet. It will probably keep until next year because, unfortunately, this project is a little late for today.

Crafted in Carhartt

15 Fall DIYs / Crafted in CarharttDIY PUMPKIN BOWLS
15 Fall DIYs / Crafted in CarharttDIY APPLE CIDER IN APPLE CUPS
15 Fall DIYs / Crafted in CarharttDIY APPLE VOTIVES
15 Fall DIYs / Crafted in CarharttDIY CANDY CORN NECKLACE
15 Fall DIYs / Crafted in CarharttDIY CANDY CORN GARLAND
15 Fall DIYs / Crafted in CarharttDIY CANDY CORN T-SHIRT
15 Fall DIYs / Crafted in CarharttDIY STICK HEART
15 Fall DIYs / Crafted in CarharttDIY JEWELRY ORGANIZER
15 Fall DIYs / Crafted in CarharttDIY LEAF DECORATIONS
15 Fall DIYs / Crafted in CarharttDIY INFINITY LEAF SCARF
15 Fall DIYs / Crafted in CarharttDIY PUMPKIN SEED GRANOLA
15 Fall DIYs / Crafted in CarharttDIY PUMPKIN SEED TRAIL MIX
15 Fall DIYs / Crafted in CarharttDIY GIANT POMPOM BEANIE
15 Fall DIYs / Crafted in CarharttDIY ELBOW PATCHES
15 Fall DIYs / Crafted in CarharttDIY JACKET EMBROIDERY

Happy Halloween! What is it about fall that gets you in the crafting mood? I’ve put together a list of 15 seasonal crafts that can be just for fun, help bring life to a fall party, or add to any Thanksgiving celebration. The thing I like about the projects above is that they can be done on the cheap. Creativity mixed with a little elbow grease can go a long way.


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10.30.14 pressing pumpkin update!

Today’s bracelets are my Elsa Peretti X, a Tiffany’s cuff, and a Tiffany’s heart bracelet strung through my dad’s 2010 World Series ring he bought for himself.

Good news, everyone! Not only did the lonely little pumpkin reappear on its stoop (maybe it was brought inside instead of stolen- phew), my pumpkin friend is still there AND a new pumpkin with stickers joined the two of them. It’s a bat pumpkin. This makes me super happy. It’s ridiculous. I clearly no longer have any control over my emotions.

Down the street there is some great Halloween décor, but the trio of pumpkins is still my favorite.




10.25.14 pumpkin on the run


IMG_2901.JPG So…. I did something. Remember the forlorn pumpkin from yesterday? I spent the day imagining the little kid who made it. He or she must be two or three. You know, too young to carve a pumpkin but old enough to want a pumpkin and to decorate it.

There’s a corner store on my walk to work that sells gourds (and Christmas trees, oddly, but that’s a different story) so I decided to get the sad pumpkin a friend. I was super pleased with myself until I arrived at the stoop. The sad little pumpkin was gone! With just a dirt ring to show where it used to be. I think some jerk probably stole it. It’s kind of a busy street like that, in the middle of the city.

I was in a quandary. Now my friend pumpkin would be all by itself if I left it. But the poor kid would have no pumpkins if I didn’t. Who am I kidding? I still planned to leave the pumpkin. So I did. My pumpkin replacement slash offering. Complete with stickers. Happy Halloween, kid.

My bracelet’s today are two horn bangles, my silver Tiffany’s bangle from Christmas 1993, and my Tuareg ebony and pounded silver cuff I used to wear everyday in the year 2K.

10.24.14 saddest lil pumpkin ever


IMG_2894.JPG Isn’t this just dinky, and sad, and adorable, and pathetic, and cute? I love the Halloween décor that I encounter on my walk to work. But especially this one! It’s like somebody received a fragment of the Halloween memo. Yes, this tiny pumpkin is all by itself and decorated with stickers. Stickers! But still it sits proudly on the front stoop. Step to the beat of a different drum, tiny pumpkin!

Today on my wrist I’m wearing an orange Hermès Calèche, three turquoise and silver cuffs- the biggest one is from Taxco the others are Native American, and an orange Clic-Clac.

9.23.14 blogspiration


It’s fall now, right?! I just read such a good mood setting Apple Cider recipe on Heather Bergdahl’s Blog that gave me license to wear my favorite dress. It’s a jack o lantern by I’m Your Present on Etsy. To tell the truth, I wear this even without fall license. For example, on my birthday this year. Which is in April. And I’m probably too old for this but I don’t care!

For my bracelets I have on my two orange Clic Clacs and a wide orange Calèche.