12.11.14 stormy weather

It is rainy in SF which means our entire city has ground to a halt. We don’t know how to handle weather! If there is any truer statement about San Francisco, please let me know. I didn’t go to work today because the shop has no power. Correction, I did go to work today, discovered I had no power, and returned home.

My dogs refuse to go outside to take care of business. Chihuahuas, I tell ya. These raincoats are purely decorative.

Here’s a car swimming thru the intersection. My picture is terrible, I apologize.

Finally, a life tip from me to you. When you buy a salad, turn it upside down to eat so you get the boring stuff out of the way first. You are welcome.

Today’s bracelets are a turquoise Taxco cuff, and a green stone (what is this stone?) and silver bracelet also from Mexico.

11.13.14 gone fishin’, suckers!

You know what this is, you guys? This is my wrist bare of everything but my loyal Up because I took a day off.

“Wait, Margaret, you work? How do you fit in working around all your WordPressing?” You may ask.

Here’s the usual scene: customer wandering my little shop dying for assistance as I tip type away. “Do not disturb my bracelet blogging genius!” Reads the imaginary thought bubble above my head. But oh no! Not today! Today I’ve gone fishin’, in the proverbial sense. In the literal sense I’ve gone sofa sittin’, but that is so much less interesting.

Fortunately my dogs like going fishing, too. Bandit sez “Fish?” with a very hopeful gleam to his eye.

Sayonara suckers!

Gone fishing sign made by Carved by Heart on Etsy.

Forever searching

These past few days have been brutal. Packing up my dad’s apartment is physically and emotionally draining and it’s crunch time because the movers were scheduled, and the place goes goodbye on Wednesday. So what happened on top of this? I’m so ashamed and especially upset because within 12 hours of getting that ring the other day, well, I lost it. I’m extremely angry with myself.

I phoned Green Apple where I sold my dad’s book collection and it wasn’t there. I searched the various streets where I had parked over the course of the day. I crawled all over my car, turned everything inside out and upside down. It’s gone. I’ve been weeping over it. Four days ago I didn’t know the ring existed; now I’m crushed, just totally crushed. My lesson of the year: everything can always get worse.

Of course my emotional coping mechanism is to distract myself away from my thoughts by drowning in TV. Hello How to Get Away with Murder. Did anyone else watch this episode, “Smile or Go to Jail”? Did you see that crazy gigantic bangle on Viola Davis’s wrist? I love it. And I can’t figure out who makes it or where to find it.

What do you think of my screenshot? It took me forever and a day and still it’s all blurry. But you can see the chunky orange bangle in the lower right corner.

Unable to find the bangle maker on the various worn on TV sites, I started googling orange chunky bangle

IMG_2752-2.PNG This Louis Vuitton goes for $799, but to quote Kreayshawn “basic bitches wear that shit so I don’t even bother.” Oh how a lie! I would totally wear this shit.

Then there’s an Alexis Bittar black and orange, and you know my passion for all things black and orange.

IMG_2777.PNG It’s $325 which still places it outside of the ‘I would consider buying this for myself’ category. But I do like it.

Now £15 is much more pocket friendly.

IMG_2778.JPG It’s hard to tell from the image, but this is a stacked combo touching at an angle.

Anyway, end of the awful emotional week, I’m thankful for this twerp who likes to comfort me by sticking his tongue in my nose. Let me tell you, it’s hard to keep crying when there’s a tongue in your nose.

IMG_2756.JPG And there’s my LV tote in the background just to underline how much I lied earlier.