Paris Places


Gift ideas for Paris lovers:
*Place Vendôme- the shopper
*the Louvre- the art connoisseur
*Tentacles- all things fall apart

Who doesn’t love Paris? I can promise you, it is a city that stole my heart. If I were to live anywhere but SF it would be there. The Marais, the Tuileries, Rue Louise Weiss. Place Vendôme? Mais biensûr!
I love this Vendôme ring by Isharya… It’s si tellement noir et diamonte. And, it’s on sale! EN PLUS, I have a discount code HOLIDAY15 which saves you -15%. So basically they will pay you to give this ring to your fav francophile. Life could be worse.

Now I don’t know about you but I’m so eh about the Louvre. The Pompidou on the other hand? Or Musée Rodin? Those are the best of the best. It’s odd that this Isharya bangle is titled the Louvre, I would expect something more classic. Or with longer lines? Bah dumching!

Okay, so my theme straight up falls apart with this next necklace recommendation. It’s all tentacles. Which if you know some French men, you might say I am still on theme BUT let’s give Jean-Marc Gallois the benefit of the doubt, shall we?

How you holding up? Need some wine yet? I sure do. Got some Barolo? 😹

The daily disclaimer: I would be remiss if I didn’t offer the link to my online store… I write these posts for my love of jewelry and gift giving, there’s no sponsors here but ME for MYSELF 😀

Grenade Goes BOom

Cartography Grenade Heart Pendant

What do you do when you’ve thrown a grenade into your relationship? Purchase matching grenade necklace and earrings? Shoot, I am the worst at problem solving.

grenade earrings

Let me warn all women against this small little RAGE side effect of Estradiol. I had an awful, terrible weekend, capped with one too many hormone pills that magnify and blow out of proportion all emotions. Remember that time I got so angry with my honey that I threw out all of our food? Same pills. The Incredible Hulk’s got nothing on my estradioled self. Anyways, I was terrible, just horrible yelling at my poor honey. But it takes two to tango, if you know what I mean.

Can I offer you this grenade bracelet to go with a big helping of crazy?

Fortunately we’re made up now. But hormones! They’re not for wimps!! (All my guys-in-a-relationship-with-a-lady followers are currently nodding their heads sagely going ‘YUP, I coulda told you that. And the sky is blue.’)

Wonders of the Universe

One of the most interesting things about WordPress is the glimpse it provides into other people’s lives. I love following your blogs! People are fascinating, and even sometimes the mundane is a sort of fantasy escape because it’s different. So thank you, gentle readers, for writing about nailpolish, fantasy hockey, med school, knitting, recipes, clothing, traffic, foreign countries, family, Cillian Murphy, baseball, feminism, linguistics… The rabbit hole is deep and crooked.

Anyway, is this weird? One person I follow is Jack Flacco and his story “Ranger Martin and the Alien Invasion” comes out October 21st. I don’t know what to expect, but I’m excited to read it! Writing multiple books and birthing them into the world is kind of a big deal, in my opinion. I’m very impressed.

So between his story that I’m looking forward to reading and rewatching X-Files (omg Gillian Anderson was sooo young!) I’ve got aliens on the brain. Frankly, I believe in aliens. Not in the humanoid, walking talking kind but in the particles of life floating around our vast universe that our limited brains can’t recognize kind of way.

Let’s get down to it. There is some lame-o alien jewelry out there, folks. Like this one by Jaeci… What’s its intention? Like woah, alien spelled backward is symbolic of our fear of outside aggressors subverting our language? First of all, only the French are concerned over the sanctity of their language. Secondly, can you tell I went to art school? “But what’s it mean??”

What I interpret this bracelet to mean is that it is not worth $36. All I ask of jewelry (and men! Bad dum ching!) is to either be pretty or be interesting. This one is neither.

Now this is art! And technically a necklace :/ oops.

IMG_2817.PNG Made by Reborne Jewelry I came across their alien named necklace on Pinterest and it just blew my mind. Looks like it sold though, so I thought I’d showcase another of their pieces. The one above is named “the chained bubbled zippers”. It’s all zippers! Amazing, right?

Their bracelets are cool, kind of rock and roll but the necklaces. Wow. Just wow. Wonderful. Just like all youse guys blog posts. Keep up the good work.