11.11.14 sunny San Fra-no-freezie

It’s totally not freezie today, or at all, or maybe ever again even. SF is never cold enough to snow, but it does get charmingly brisk this time of year. USUALLY. But I don’t know, this drought and warm spell? It continues to stretch out before us now, making most SFers grouchy. It leaves my bedroom uncomfortably warm at night! Nobody knows how to deal with this! We aren’t equipped for warm weather. Should I wear sandals? Or will I get cold by the end of the day? I just don’t know!

Today’s bangles are: brass bow bracelet, silver bangle, Guadalquivir bangle by Hermès, seashell charm bracelet, Tiffany’s silver latch bangle, and my extra special Crazy Loom bracelet from my niece.

11.4.14 the Gilmore conundrum

If I were a graduate student studying modern American television (people totally do that, right? TV Studies? No?) I’d write my thesis on the Gilmore Girls. Specifically the dynamic between Lorelei Gilmore and Rory Gilmore. The title would be Lorelei & Rory: the role of the dominant and the submissive in family dynamics. And then I’d write about that. But since this is a blog, I get to cheat and invent imaginary thesis titles without actually needing to do any leg work.

Ugh! I can’t even explain the insidious addiction of this show. I never watched it first time around. Then when it became available on Netflix streaming I figured I ought to give it a shot because people I respect love it. It turns out it’s awful. But I can’t stop watching!

I hate Lorelei. She’s so smug and self absorbed. Basically selfishly forcing her daughter to be her best friend. I just can’t get behind this whole mom + daughter = best friend thing. It’s weird! Yo. I talk to my mom every day, I see her in person multiple times per week. I have a great relationship with my mom. But she’s my mom, not my best friend. Side note, I also find it creepy when spouses call each other “best friends”. Anyway, Lorelei is so intent on being “cool” and quasi witty that she’s awful and obnoxious to her entire community. Including her own parents! Come on already, grow up, Lorelei!

Oh, and the theme song? It’s the worst. THE WORST. For all the effort the show goes to name dropping bands (Belle & Sebastian, Metallica, I heard some Rammstein, Otis Redding) you’d think they would have a decent theme song. But no. It’s the worst. If you’re curious what song it is it’s Where You Lead by Carole King. Listen, I may be down with Linda Ronstadt but no thank you, Carole King. You can take what you are selling elsewhere.

Oh, hello broken English Korean mom. What are you doing here? Why? Why must Mrs. Kim speak broken English? Her grammar is nearly impeccable but the writer’s love dropping the verb every once in a while. It’s so inconsistent! ESL people tend to be consistent in the idiosyncrasies of their speech. The Vietnamese family down the street sell “gingersnappers” at their sandwich shop. Which I think is ridiculously cute, BUT it’s always gingersnappers. Well, except when it’s chocolate chip cookie day. Then there’s no gingersnappers. Consistency.

Besides, I can hear Mrs. Kim’s American accent behind the awful fake Korean accent. Why must they do this? There are so few Asians on TV to begin with, must the token ones be such a stereotype? I’m looking at you Two Broke Girls. You’re part of the problem, too.

So there’s a lot, A LOT that I dislike about this show and yet…. I can’t stop watching it. Where you lead, I will follow, apparently. Like a lobotomized rat, I hate the maze but I can’t escape it. Poor rat 😦

It’s Rory. She is the cheese that makes the maze worth while. But now she’s getting all mixed up with this bad kid, Jess. I’m worried she’s going to cheat on Dean. Stupid Lorelei almost had a decent moment of parenting, nearly pointing out this kid Jess’s many flaws, but then she blew it. As usual. So right now I’m just so concerned for Rory and her future. Oh, yeah, I like Paris, Kirk and Suki too. It’s these characters that outweigh the general awfulness of the show.

Now hush, Jess is cleaning the gutters and I know he has that bracelet of Rory’s. I just hope she figures out he is terrible before she jeopardizes her relationship.

Today’s bracelets are assymetrical brass Goodwill find now up at my shop, tiny HiHo Silver knot, cream Clic Clac, chain of silver hearts, and silver ID bracelet that read WWRS from Goodwill. I’m guessing that R is for Rita since she ‘loves ya’ on the flip side.

9.2.14 krange October

IMG_2682.JPG It’s hecka krange how different a word sounds when you accidentally type the letter K instead of O. Right?

Wow, this post veered off topic straight out of the gates. It’s October in SF, the June of our year. Weddings, baseball, hot weather. But mostly baseball. So today’s bangles are slightly Giants themed. Orange and black because we won the wild card last night and we’re heading to the playoffs. On my wrist: my dad’s other watch, a silver and agate bracelet from Mexico, faux Cartier clous, and Les Flacons de Parfum.

9.4.14 Rubberbandery


Some interlopers snuck into today’s bangles. I’m wearing the 2 skinny horn bangles, my chartreuse Caleche from my mama (she figured the crazy color could help absorb all the stress that’s contributing to me not getting knocked up, but this was before the current stress so. There’s that. We shall see how effective this is), my Tiffany’s bangle from 1993, a fake Cartier Clous (obviously not silver when it’s paired with actual real silver), my Tiffany’s deb bangle, my UP and… Some rubber bands! They look kind of neat, right? Like a combo of industrial and organic.

As for the purpose of the rubber bands, or as my mom would say, the porpoise of the blubber bands, I have joined not one but 2 fantasy football leagues. You’d think that with 3 brothers and a dad who loved sports, I’d have had some exposure to football watching. But I hadn’t, except in passing, until my honey came into my life. Do you know how much football is on TV every week? A lot, the answer is a lot. And he watches ALL of the footballs. So I used to nap thru Sundays, or read an entire book, but now, in my need to be all the time distracted and to be constantly watching TV, I figure I should ‘get into’ football. So, 2 fantasy leagues, one is a girls league and we need a prize. Which brings me to this: did you know that Chanel made a football?!?

It sold for $195!!! I have never before encountered anything Chanel for $195.

“Holy shit, what a great deal and perfect prize!” I thought to myself.

I phoned Chanel straight away, asked them if it was in stock and then found myself thoroughly disappointed. The football is not available seeing as how it was a special item from 2009 or sometime. I searched eBay, Amazon, everywhere, to no avail. So now I’m making a fake Chanel football. You’d think there’d be more black footballs on the market, but don’t even get me started on the google results of “black football” search.

VERY very long explanation short, I’m spray painting a football and creating the straight white lines by wrapping the football in rubber bands and painting in between. I need a bunch of rubber bands for this, and so as not to lose them, I am wearing rubber bands. PHEW. Thus concludes the story of the rubber bands.

No Hermes today 8.23.14

This is a sentimental collection of silver bracelets. Rhinestone gorgeousness from India courtesy of my best friend, a silver Tiffany’s bangle my dad gave me in 1993, a silver Tiffany’s floral cuff my dad gave me for my birthday last year, and a slight hook clasp bangle from Tiffany’s I received for being a deb in 1997. Despite all evidence to the contrary I’m not all *that* fancy. I even have proof! An online quiz gave rated me as 60% fancy.