12.17.14 hair brained schemes

This time of year whenever something goes missing I assume my honey took it for gift giving reasons. Like he needs to know the size of my shoe, or brand of makeup, or to engrave something for me. I believe this despite the fact that a. he has never done this before and b. the item missing may be a hairbrush. What could he possibly use my hairbrush for in gift giving terms? Hairbrush upgrade? I don’t think so. So the brutal truth is, I’ve lost my hairbrush. Which explains my hair today.

Various emotional states call for special grooming rituals. If I’m extremely tired I paint on ridiculous levels of makeup. If feeling insecure? I wear A LOT of jewelry. Granted, I tend to wear a lot of jewelry for other reasons too, so you’ll never know if I’m feeling insecure or in a magpie mood.

(Ack! My skin! *adds a face veil*)

“Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory.” Clearly I do not abide my Coco Chanel’s policy. I suspect I have the entire female population of Texas on my side for this one.

Today’s jewelry: Left hand: two Indian rhinestone bangles from my best friend, red Clic Clac a Pois, Tiffany’s braid from my dad, Goodwill rhinestone bow.
Right hand: Jawbone UP, my dad’s Baume & Mercier watch
Necklaces: Tiffany’s candy cane charm, I’m Your Present bow tie
Earrings: red gifts I’ve had since about 4th grade

Anybody seen my hairbrush?

12.2.14 life questions

It’s raining in SF and I find myself in one of those days of profoundly undeep thoughts that I should probably keep to myself, but hey! This is my blog! And we’re all friends, so here goes some of my general life questions- if you have an answer to any, please let me know.

-I accidentally wore a shirt with a food splotch on the chest, will people realize that I put it on this way? Or will they assume the splotch occurred after I left the house? Can I do this same “trick” with those tights of mine with the pattern I like so much that now have a run in them?
-Somewhat related, isn’t it rather redundant to shower on a rainy day?
-Since I didn’t walk to work, how can I trick my UP into logging enough steps for me to hit my step goal? Or must I run on the treadmill two times today?
-Should I dip this feather bangle in blue enamel?

Insight, anyone?

Today’s bangles- the Angela Cummings bracelet from my dad to my mom that is now mine, my Jawbone UP I’m hoping to trick, feather bangle (better in blue? Yay or nay), my mom’s Route de Corse ID bracelet.



Gift ideas for:
*the Athletes
*the Runner/Walker
*the Cyclist
*the Swimmer

jawbone UP24
Do you know the one piece of jewelry that I wear every single day? My Jawbone UP, a wearable fitness tracker that syncs with my iPad. I only take it off when I shower or when it needs to be replaced. As I’ve mentioned before I love my UP. It calculates my daily mileage, steps, food, water consumption, sleep. It looks stylish with some fun color options, and the app is a really good workout motivator. I definitely recommend the Jawbone UP for any runner or walker in your family. The one down side with the UP is it’s propensity to fizzle out, fortunately they have a warranty that covers up to a year after purchase.

But the UP isn’t the only fitness tracker on the market!
The Fitbit is probably the most popular of the wearable sports tech. I don’t have a first hand experience with it, but my mom does. Hers has never needed replacing (unlike my Jawbone UP ahem… 3 times). The new one acts like the UP but has a built in heart rate monitor, which is a good tool to use to gauge intensity of a workout. Oh! And it has a watch function, which explains why this puppy looks so much like a watch. And it includes a heart rate monitor, which is important for cyclists. It’s slightly pricier than the UP, but I think you get significantly more for your dollar. I just wish the app was as great as the UP app.

The Pebble is one of the few waterproof fitness trackers, which makes it best for any swimmers out there. There’s even a beta swim app called Swimio for Pebble users. Price wise it falls in at the lower end of the wearable tech cost range. Anybody have a pebble and love it? I’d like to know how it’s received.

The daily disclaimer: I would be remiss if I didn’t offer the link to my online store… I write these posts for my love of jewelry and gift giving, there’s no sponsors here but ME for MYSELF 😀

9.13.14 Dateless Day

Finally my replacement UP arrived! To celebrate this fact, I’m all over turquoise… in the wristular area.
Left hand: silver & turquoise dating back to when I was in grade school and mad for turquoise, and a Tiffany’s chain of hearts from my dad.

Right hand: boy this picture was hard to take. I really feel for all you lefties out there. Each time I rotated my ipad the picture button jumped away from me. Anyways, brand new replacement UP and my Cape Cod watch whose time may or may not be correct. I’m pretty loose when it comes to things like “time” and “measures”


9.4.14 Rubberbandery


Some interlopers snuck into today’s bangles. I’m wearing the 2 skinny horn bangles, my chartreuse Caleche from my mama (she figured the crazy color could help absorb all the stress that’s contributing to me not getting knocked up, but this was before the current stress so. There’s that. We shall see how effective this is), my Tiffany’s bangle from 1993, a fake Cartier Clous (obviously not silver when it’s paired with actual real silver), my Tiffany’s deb bangle, my UP and… Some rubber bands! They look kind of neat, right? Like a combo of industrial and organic.

As for the purpose of the rubber bands, or as my mom would say, the porpoise of the blubber bands, I have joined not one but 2 fantasy football leagues. You’d think that with 3 brothers and a dad who loved sports, I’d have had some exposure to football watching. But I hadn’t, except in passing, until my honey came into my life. Do you know how much football is on TV every week? A lot, the answer is a lot. And he watches ALL of the footballs. So I used to nap thru Sundays, or read an entire book, but now, in my need to be all the time distracted and to be constantly watching TV, I figure I should ‘get into’ football. So, 2 fantasy leagues, one is a girls league and we need a prize. Which brings me to this: did you know that Chanel made a football?!?

It sold for $195!!! I have never before encountered anything Chanel for $195.

“Holy shit, what a great deal and perfect prize!” I thought to myself.

I phoned Chanel straight away, asked them if it was in stock and then found myself thoroughly disappointed. The football is not available seeing as how it was a special item from 2009 or sometime. I searched eBay, Amazon, everywhere, to no avail. So now I’m making a fake Chanel football. You’d think there’d be more black footballs on the market, but don’t even get me started on the google results of “black football” search.

VERY very long explanation short, I’m spray painting a football and creating the straight white lines by wrapping the football in rubber bands and painting in between. I need a bunch of rubber bands for this, and so as not to lose them, I am wearing rubber bands. PHEW. Thus concludes the story of the rubber bands.