1.27.12 star bangled

Today’s forecast is LHF (low Hermes front). I broke out the ever tricky to polish Tiffany’s stars I used to wear in college.

Left to right : Elsa X, trio of viv + ingrid id bracelets, 2 Tiffany’s silver stars and Hermes multi colored and white bangle.

Side note: my mom just told me about http://www.luxury-scarves.com where there are loads of Hermes scarf patterns. Since the bracelets are based on the scarves, I’m going to do some research and see if I can come up with the names of the ones I don’t know.

1.7.12 Greener and greener

I usually favor my left hand to sport the bangles, but today I’m going all out multi-hand-bangled.

Left hand: horn bangle I found at the dog park, the standard every day silver, viv+ingrid id bracelet, green enamel from the flea market, and green caleche.

Right hand: the asshole bracelet by Jessica Kagan Cushman “if you have to ask you can’t afford it”!!! An ebay find. I like the JKC bracelets for their scrimshaw style and sassy sayings.